Today's Miracle Health Cure



Have indigestion reading about the atrocities of your ruling Prudential Committee that controls your real estate?


Hey, this Web Site would like to give you a miracle cure for that indigestion. Yes, we can give you temporary relief from the tyranny of the Becket Woods Prudential Committee.


Please don't spend money on antacids such as Tums and Rolaids. Oh ! That antacid isle in your local Pharmacy and Supermarket is actually a multi-billion dollar industry. Their products are loaded with aluminum and other nastys which are very bad for you. This Web Site will recommend a product that will cure that indigestion and cost you a fraction of those industrialized antacids. Further, it is good for you and won't poison you. What is it?


APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - yes friends, you will be amazed at the effectiveness of this simple product. Just use a small amount for that indigestion, about a cap full of small bottle. And it only costs about 99 cents for 16 oz.. - found in the baking supplies section of your local supermarket. You don't need the 100%  variety that they sell in health food stores - the 5% acidity will do the trick.


But for real relief get rid of that District Tyrant John "Mao Tse" Amato and his gang of Prudential. Vote for "New Blood" this July 2009. Don't forget "relief is just a vote away".



Check this Web Site for more miracle cures, including gum disease, in future editions.