Rebuttal to John Amato's  6-14-09 Letter to the District of Becket Woods

Amato Imagines "Power" 



Did you think John Amato would lay down and be exposed for his illegalities and lying and cheating the District owners. No, John Amato fought back and sent a letter dated 6-14-09 to the District owners. But Amato was less than accurate (what would you expect) as will be pointed out as follows:


Elbery "Rebuffed Each Time" by the Government Branches?

See letter, circled #4 , - Amato seems to be claiming that Michael Elbery's attempts to get various branches of the government to force the District Prudential Committee to comply with the laws of the State and District has been "rebuffed" each time by those government branches. Is Amato claiming that the State of Massachusetts is conspiring with him to violate State and District laws?

How does Amato explain that he and his Prudential Committee were found guilty by the Mass. Attorney General of violating the Mass. Low Bid Laws? Elbery filed that complaint with the Mass. AG's Office and won against John Amato and his 2 lawyers that held Amato's hand at that hearing. Elbery represented the District of Becket Woods and its owners and won. And Attorneys Aaronson and Paul B. Sherr fought tooth and nail along with Amato to defeat Elbery's quest for justice via enforcement of the Mass. Low Bid laws at that hearing. Amato lost and Elbery won.

Amato - you did not get rebuffed, you and your Attorney Aaronson and his former employee (Attorney Paul B. Sherr) got a good "ass kicking" at that hearing. And yes Skippy you told some lies at that hearing in Springfield, Mass.


Elbery's first lawsuit against Amato and his Prudential Gang concerning the illegal 8-31-09 "Special Election" was hardly a defeat for Elbery or a victory for Amato and his gang of Prudential - there were casualties. Because of screw ups and miscalculations by Attorney Paul B. Sherr and Attorney Harris N. Aaronson Elbery ended up with all the "alleged" voting records of the 8-31-09 District Special Election. Paul B. Sherr's employment with Aaronson's law firm ended quickly thereafter.

Elbery motioned to dismiss that first lawsuit only because Attorney Paul B. Sherr intimidated one of Elbery's co-plaintiff's with lies concerning his ability to get the plaintiff's to pay "legal fees". The plaintiff's, as per Mass. law, never paid a penny, nor did any judge/court attempt to assess such.

Did Elbery get treated justly during the proceedings of that first lawsuit at Berkshire Superior Court? Absolutely not. Judge Dan Ford was as biased as is unthinkable in this U.S.A. as was Judge Agostini during that case that only lasted 2 months. Ford was warned by Elbery about his illegalities surrounding that case and backed off. Judge Agostini in combination with Debra Schilling and other bozo's of Superior Court Clerk's Office got caught doing things in that case that are not supposed to happen in this Country. See and click on the article about "Agostini's Kalfa Action".

Elbery did what is supposed to be done in this U.S. - when he caught those judges doing something illegal he pissed all over them. Such is what patriots were at one time when America was great.

As to the Federal lawsuit, second lawsuit, against Amato and Gang of Prudential there has been no action at all by the Court on that case. Service has not been completed. 

For all the humorous "castigating" of garbage in government see this Web Site and


For a "Variety of Reasons" the $1K has not been collected at this date!!??!

See Amato's letter of 6-14-09 circled #2 , Amato claims "For a variety of reasons the $200 "Special Assessment  has not been collected at this date". Why is Amato saying this? Is he trying to tell you/District owners that they have decided to cancel the $200.00 "Special Assessment"? Maybe Amato does not understand that the alleged "Special Assessment" was for f/y 2010 and that at the date of his letter, 6-14-09, it was still f/y 2009!! Is this more incompetence or was something else going on that Amato does not mention? Why is Amato making an issue out of something (lack of collection of the "Special Assessment") that could not have and should not have occurred?

 According to Elizabeth Will, last week of June 2009, of the Becket Assessor's Office, the Mass. D.O.R. cancelled the tax increase to $1K for 2010, as caused by that same $200 "Special Assessment". Will claimed that the D.O.R. sent the Assessor's Office a letter confirming this activity, but would not read or produce it to Elbery when requested. Elbery asked Will for the name of the Mass. D.O.R. official that signed the letter and she claimed that she could not get access to the letter because Sue Donnelly (allegedly on vacation) had control of the letter. The Mass. D.O.R. said they never cancelled any District tax.

Was Amato and his Gang of Prudential attempting to cover-up the illegal election of 8-31-08 by trying to nullify the collection of that rigged election and tax increase of $200? Amato's letter seems to be indicating it would not be collected and Will of the Becket Assessor's Office said that the $200 Special Assessment was cancelled.

Regardless of the deliberate misinformation, the District Owners will be taxed at $1K per lot starting billing due on August 1, 2009.


Amato now Admits the 8-31-09 "Special Election (rigged) Vote" was 65-24 

In answer to the first lawsuit against the District Prudential Committee in Berkshire Superior Court, Amato claimed that the vote as announced by him resulting in the 8-31-09 Special Assessment was not 65-24. Now in Amato's 6-14-09 letter, Amato claims that his vote call  was(65-24) at the meeting of 8-31-08.Why would Amato do this? Is it more incompetence - Did he forget that he made different claims in his legal proceedings? Or has he told so many lies he just can't remember what he said?


Amato now Admits the Vote Issue Changed @ the 8-31-09 "Special Election" - More Documented Lies

See Amato's letter circled #1, Amato is admitting that the original vote issue for the 8-31-08 "Special Election" was for an increase in the District Road tax to $1000.00. Per their answer to that first lawsuit/complaint in Berkshire Superior Court, Amato and the Prudential Committee denied that an owner at the 8-31-08 District meeting suggested that the vote, instead, be for a "one time Special Assessment of $200 for f/y 2010" and that the vote issue was as a result changed at the meeting.

According to Amato's letter "a motion at the 8-31-08 meeting to access each lot @ $200 was passed".

The issue used in the first lawsuit against the District Prudential Committee to reverse the illegal "Special Election of 8-31-08" was that the vote issue was changed and therefore no District owner, particularly the proxy voters, were given proper notification of 14 days as required by the District Act. Amato and the Prudential Committee, according to their answer to that complaint filed in Berkshire Superior Court, claimed that never happened and that the vote issue was never changed, but was exactly voted as the warrant reflected.


Amato's Subconscious wish to Be Powerful - Government is "Buckling under to Our Power"

See item #5 of Amato's letter, Amato alleges that Elbery has accused the Branches of Government that he has "castigated" as "buckling under to Our Power!" This is a reflection of Amato's mental condition and the same mental disorder shared by his fellow Gang of Prudential. Amato and his Gang want to run a country or a government and make policy decisions that effect the lives and property of other humans, so the answer is Becket Woods. They want to be rulers of their own little medieval village. They don't want anyone to interfere with their dreams of power and making policy and dictating the lives of others, even if it requires rigging an election. These pitiful small time operators with big egos have to settle for Becket Woods for their domain. They have their people in position and the Takeover is complete.

You say it seems small time and that nobody would be interested in such minor league action? Well, Amato and his Boss (Peter Mansbach) are not world leaders and can only hope to continue their "Mickey Mouse" rule of the District of Becket Woods.

Elbery never claimed that Government Branches were buckling under to the Power of the Becket Woods Prudential Committee. Nor does Amato reference or cite such statements by Elbery. Elbery has made claim that it is a sorry state that such lackluster individuals as is the Prudential Committee could have any influence to cause State Officials to corrupt the legal system. Elbery has observed a corrupt State Government ignoring Amato and his Gang's illegalities, but he does not see them as people with "power to make the State of Mass. Buckle Under". This is more stupid talk from the ego of John Amato.

John Amato was heard to exclaim, "I'm running Becket Woods now"! As long as Skippy does what Mansbach tells him, he can pretend to be running Becket Woods. Oh and Skippy, don't forget to keep falsifying the elections so you don't get voted out. And stop getting caught - you're making your masters look bad. They demand perfection.