Rebellion in the District -10 owners planning to Secede from the District of Becket Woods


News Flash - Known Opposition owners on Fred Snow Rd., section of Becket Woods have had enough, they are planning to seceded from the District of Becket Woods. At this point 10 owners in Becket Woods have expressed total long term disgust with the illegalities in the District by Amato and his "Gang of Prudential" and ruling "Tennis Click". Some claim they have been fighting for years against the ruling junta including Joe "gone to Florida" LaCascia. They are now discovering  (by reading this Web Site) the reasons why their efforts to defeat the ruling minority click was impossible and they were always defeated - to start with the elections were rigged.

The "Fred Snow Opposition Group" claim that District taxes have increased 5 times to $1K and see no end to the "Amato Antics". The "Fred Snow Opposition" claim they get nothing for their District Taxes and are merely paying for the percs enjoyed by the Cheepos who delight in hitting tennis balls while demanding attendants to clean up after them. Fred Snow is a public town road maintained by the Town of Becket. One owner complained, "They want me to pay $1,000.00 a year and will not tell me what I'm paying for - I'm getting ripped-off because there are no new expenditures let alone benefits to me."


This Group is sincerely pissed off with the injustices in Becket Woods but they still fear the infamous "Tennis Click" lead by Peter "Mansbad" Mansbach and his jester/bumbling front man, John "Skip the Truth" Amato. Mansbad longs for the days when his policies were executed flawlessly by the guile Joey LaCascia. Joey knew better than to jack-up the taxes 200% in 2 quick years. Some of the Fred Snow Group find that the new Opposition leader, Michael Elbery, is unacceptable due to unyielding and relentless demand for legal compliance by the Prudential Committee - they find Elbery is a little too ruff for the "District Dainties". 


One man on Fred Snow was worried that Michael Elbery's procedures might make enemies; he inquired "What about making enemies". Listen you coward - they cheat you in the elections and resulting taxes and you worry about making them your enemies? Only your enemy would do that to you. Obviously, such "alleged" men are not equipped to battle with the element that rules Becket Woods; secession from the District is the only solution for such poor timid unfortunates.