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The old issue per the warrant was voided and never voted on. Instead, the vote was whether to have a one time "Special Assessment" of $200.00 per lot in the year 2010, as motioned by an unidentified male. What right did John Amato and his Prudential Committee have to apply 25 of the 27 Proxies in Favor of this new tax hike via a "Special Assessment" of $200.00. That's right Nancy Svirida and John Amato claim that 27 Proxies were returned by voters for the election held on 8-31-08. Even if the Proxy votes were counted honestly and accounted for correctly, the Prudential Committee had no right to apply any of the proxies to the new voting issue at the 8-31-08 meeting because it was a physical impossibility for the Proxy voters to know what was voted on at the 8-31-08 meeting.

The Prudential Committee, being  the 7 "front men" for the small group that controls the District simply helped themselves, illegally, to the Proxies and declared that 25 out of 27 Proxies were in favor of a vote that the Proxy voters knew absolutely nothing about. 

Please note, the District proxies give the owner the right to vote as he or she chooses on the issue ( see 4th and last page of the warrant). This is unlike some proxy systems, especially in large corporations, where small stockholders give their vote via proxy to another stockholder and the proxy is that other stockholder's vote to be used as he so desires.

Was John Amato ( Prudential Committee Treasurer - Amato is also the District moderator and ran the 8-31-08 meeting) that incompetent that he didn't know the election of 8-31-08 was totally illegal due to a lack of notice or was he just desperate to get a quick vote in face of dissention in the District that never happened before? Didn't Amato want to steal the Proxies that were voted Opposed to the taxes and take the opportunity to defraud Becket Woods again by forcing an illegal election? Did Amato see what was coming in the District - organization of the MAJORITY - and decided to get in a vote regardless of election rules and laws because it would be his last chance to steal elections in the District through the means described in this Web Site. Once a vote goes through, even as illegal as the one on 8-31-08, it is very difficult to reverse it, especially if the cheated Majority Opposition is easily defeated, unorganized and apathetic.

Please don't overlook that everyone has to have a 14 day notice of the voting issue; it is not just a right that is optional or that can be waived by the voters. If the 14 day notice is not given the vote is null and void. So that means that not only were the Proxy voters totally violated, but that the vote by the owners/voters that attended the 8-31-08 meeting was invalid as well because the issue voted on was raised during the meeting violating the 14-day notice requirement. Was that unidentified man who motioned for the vote to be on a one time special assessment of $200.00 an owner of the District?

Keep in mind, that all elections in this country require notice and for a very sound reason - so that you can make an informed vote. A vote or election should not be by surprise as occurred in the District on 8-31-08. How would you like to walk into the voting booth this November and find out that McCain and Obama were replaced that day by two other candidates?


Proxies not allowed to be Examined Prior to Meeting - Violation of Law

Does anyone think that the real vote of 8-31-08 was 64 to 24 in Favor of the latest tax hike? Amato would not let the owners review or examine the proxies or count the voting cards. In light of the current District environment (100% Road Tax increase in 2 years) it is inconceivable that the vote was 64 to 24 in Favor of the additional tax especially when nobody knows where the additional $82,000.00 is going in 2010, or where the extra $30,000.00 for f/y/e 2008 went, or the extra $50.000.00 is going in 2009. John Amato and Nancy Svirida and the Prudential Committee illegally hid the election documents (proxies and voting cards) just like the financial records have been concealed. The big question is Why? and the obvious answer is they are doing something illegal. Oh, they will be prepared with all the quick answers but it is too late - they got caught. Would such politically correct people (Svirida, Amato, and Prudential Dictators) do such a thing as tamper with an election (they put on a good act - butter would melt in their mouth)? Rigging elections is serious crime in this here United  States. That election of 8-31-08 that they tampered with, or is it better described as rigged, caused citizens to be taxed. Taxation and elections - big issues in the free world. It is what caused some of our Ancestors to fight the American Revolution.

One owner of the District (Michael Elbery) made demand to Nancy Svirida and John Amato at 9:45am on 8-31-08 for public presentation and review by the District owners of the Proxies - The answer from these esteemed Prudential Committee members was NO! Did you say NO! See the District By-laws and Founding Act - any owner has an unqualified right to review those proxies. What was Nancy Svirida and John  Amato hiding? A Criminal Conspiracy is an  agreement between two individuals to do a criminal act. A Civil Conspiracy requires an additional act in furtherance of the illegal agreement. No wonder Nancy looked a little uncomfortable, she's probably aware that you can't fool all the people all the time.

Remember 8 out of 8 Proxy voters that were interviewed voted Opposed to the originally proposed tax hike of a permanent increase in District tax to $1,000.00., and Amato and Svirida claimed only 2 out of 27 proxies returned voted Opposed. You got caught Amato and Svirida. Don't say you weren't warned and weren't given a second chance. We will stop the investigation if you both resign. Immediate resignation. 

SOME Owners are not Notified of Elections

As a result of preliminary organization of the District, it was learned that some owners were not alerted at all to the "Special Meeting/Election" of 8-31-08. Some owners claim they are never notified of District meetings and elections claiming that they are regarded as Opposition in the District to the "Click" that controls the District. These people absolutely do not want to be named and have been regarded as the Opposition leadership in the District but they are terrified of the people (Click) that control the District. How can you be serious opposition to the "ruling Click" if you are afraid to confront them about their illegalities? Past alleged opposition has been convenient to the "ruling Click". All these illegalities and violations of District and Mass. laws by the Prudential Committee and accomplices have been going on for years and the alleged Opposition in the District could not figure it out, although it was right under their nose. We the majority  need new leadership in the District because the old alleged Opposition just got everything confused and then they got scared even when the evidence was right in their face. If you want to be "nice", or is the term GRACIOUS, about the illegalities enumerated on this Web Site you will just continue to get more of the same for years to come. The Majority is being defeated by some very unscrupulous individuals who have a habit of getting away with everything. Be GRACIOUS and you are playing their game as they have expected you to do.

Once the mess in the District is straightened out and the bad apples are removed from District Government then Becket Woods can go back to a nice quiet place void of controversy. But you have to take care of business quickly or the problems/controversies will grow. The publicity will grow bigger the longer it goes on. The present Prudential Committee and click is a ruthless group that can't be dealt with diplomatically. Get rid of them.

Past Elections must be Questioned

Now do you know why they were able to win every election in the past. Do you know now why the controlling click and its Prudential Committee was able to always get new tax hikes voted in. Do you think any of the past elections were valid? It is questionable whether any past  election was anything but FRAUD. All past activities of the Prudential Committee and past District Elections should be suspect. The small group that controls the Prudential Committee and the District think the rest of us are stupid and scared, and they act as if they can continue with their Corrupt Rule with impunity.

According to reliable sources, the Prudential Committee claimed that only one owner voted Opposed to the tax hike to $800.00 per lot at the July 4, 2008 election. Does anyone believe that? We should be able to get these past election results from the District Clerk - Svirida, but every request made to her for District records results in a "go see our lawyer", or a "bob and weave" of avoidance. Yup, the District lawyer that we are paying for is working hard for the Prudential Committee' interests. Don't the By-Laws say the lawyer is supposed to be working for the interests of the District?

Who was authorized to vote ? - No "Check Off"- Another Reason why the election result of 8-31-08 is dubious

The vote was further suspect, or is it corrupted, because there was no "Check Off" that is required to insure that each lot gets ONLY one vote card. More than half the people at the meeting were ineligible to vote because, in many cases, there were two or more people at the meeting from the same lot. (husband and wife get only one vote). One group of five at the meeting publicly stated they were all representing the same lot. Why would 5 people (4 of them appeared in the 20's and not owners at all) all go to a Becket Woods meeting, when only one could vote? (some of that group tried to shout Elbery down)(they need another tactic). Since the voting cards (blank 3 x 5 index cards) were distributed (handed out) by various people at the meeting with no "Check Off" who knows how many votes were submitted by ineligible voters. It is the responsibility of the Prudential Committee to make sure the election is held in a manner that makes the election valid and not a farce. By the way, the By-Laws tell them how to hold an election; all they have to do is follow instructions. But following the instructions, via the By-Laws and Founding Act, would help cause an honest election with a fair count instead of the Fraud that took place.

The blue voting cards were strewn and left unattended on the table at the back of the meeting room while the vote was still in progress. 

A "Check Off," as required by the By-Laws and common sense, is done by taking a list of the owners in the District as provided by the Town of Becket Assessors Office and "ticking off" each lot as the owner is given a vote card. Pretty simple. That's right - as the owner applies for his vote card then his name and lot is marked or "scratched out" to indicate he has a card and so no one else will be issued a card for that lot. One lot one vote.

A Hard fought Victory at the meeting - "Private Vote Card"

There was some victory at the meeting of 8-31-08 for the unrepresented District owners, who are actually in the Majority. Various owners at the meeting demanded a "private vote" as is provided via Section 9 of the District By-laws. Oh! it wasn't easy. Although Amato was getting weak by the time the issue was raised and demanded due to the rebellion that was brewing at the meeting, it took FOUR recounts (Amato and Manbach denied the private vote 3 times only to be countered by a determined nucleus of Opposition who insisted on a private vote) in open meeting before Amato and his Prudential Committee capitulated and acknowledged that if 5 owners demand a private vote then that's it - the vote is by private vote card and not by public hand raising.

Amato was showing  that he knew defeat was coming on this issue of private vote and Peter Mansbad stepped in and tried to overpower the issue by saying that "a private vote has never been done before and that it was not good for the community". Nothing is good for Becket Woods, according to Mansbad, unless it is fulfilling his objectives - he wants to make sure that he sets and maintains POLICY in Becket Woods because he feels special privilege due to, amongst other reasons, the fact that he claims to be a founder of  Becket Woods. (For the record a guy named Bob Hamilton was the founder of what was nothing more than the Becket Woods subdivision - see the pertinent Real Estate Deeds). At any rate, it wasn't until the Becket cop, that was paid to be on duty at the meeting, exclaimed "you have to give them a private ballot vote", caused Amato and the Prudential Committee to allow our unconditional right of "Private Ballot Vote".  It took a cop that had no say in the issues in the meeting to embarrass Amato and his Prudential Committee. There had never been a cop hired for crowd control at a Becket Woods Meeting - Amato got scared when he saw the pre-meeting one page pamphlet that was distributed to the owners of the District. Hey! After this web Site, Amato will have an armed guard and an extra change of Pampers, if that pamphlet scared him.

In all past meetings of the District, votes were conducted by "hand raising". Many District owners have complained that they have been shouted down and insulted when they vote via public "hand raising" Opposed to the "click" and its Prudential Committee Policies. "Hand Raising" vote provides a means for people like Mansbad and his "click" to target the enemy Opposition and attack them. With a private vote some of Mansbad's "friends" will vote their pocket book and against his antics and tyranny. Mansbad - go take a walk through Central Park on a hot summer night.

However, private vote cards are worthless if there can be no trust in the count or the people counting the cards. Remember the proxies?

Next election we must observe the count just as the By-Laws provide for the protection of the owners. If Amato is still running the show at the next election, the Massachusetts State Police should be called if he starts his continued tyranny and dictatorship which are violations of law. It is intolerable that this small group is violating the majority owners voting and taxing rights via Fraud and reckless abuse of the laws that govern District Elections. But watch out, Amato might now hire a Mass. State cop to enforce his violations of Open meetings and election laws, after all Amato is "running" Becket Woods.