Owner and Activist told to get Out of Public Meeting

Violation of U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights



Becket Woods land owner Michael Elbery was Ordered to "Get Out" of the Meeting Room that housed the 8-31-08 District Meeting in the Becket Town Hall.. Evidently several members of the Prudential Committee were upset that Elbery had started to organize the Opposition to their Oligarchy Rule and was distributing political information throughout the District. Elbery entered the meeting room in the Becket Town Hall at about 9:45am in order to inquire of District Clerk - Nancy Jane Svirda as to how many Proxies were returned and how they voted. Prudential Committee Member John "skippy" Amato told Elbery to "get out" as he hid behind his wife who was also seated at a table with "skippy". Five minutes later while still talking with Nancy Jane Svirida, Elbery was then told to "Get Out of Here" by  a fat ugly slob named Peter Mansbach.

Elbery actually left - his Constitutional Rights to participate in the Open Election Meeting were violated. Only in Becket Woods.


The Prudential Committee should be well advised that future Open Meetings of the District will be recorded. Yes, in Massachusetts you have the right to video (and audio) open meetings and there is nothing they can do about it. This is needed so there is less chance for lying and deceit by the ruling click in violation of the Unorganized District Majority. If we don't record the District Meetings then we have to rely on the Clerk- Nancy Svirida's recording via minutes to document the meeting. Do we want to rely on Nancy to be honest about events at the Meeting?


What the Prudential Committee does not understand is the Democratic Process - it will destroy them. People will obey the natural order - their own interests, but first they must be provided a fair and safe environment to cast that vote. We will give the Owners/Voters of the District Fair Elections and information and communications to vote in an informed manner without fear of retaliation by the "Click". We will eliminate the current ruling regime or Prudential Committee via free speech and the Democratic Process.