John Amato Doesn't Want to Pay His Taxes or anything else


John Amato is building a brand new Lincoln Log Home at 311 Woodmere Rd., in Becket Woods. Well, it's not really new. John started building the house in August of 2006. At this date it is still in the same stage of work in progress as below and as it was in January of 2007; construction basically stopped on that house on about January 2007. The picture below was taken in the Winter of 2008 when it was discovered that John Amato got a special break on his real estate taxes to the Town of Becket on that house. Yes, this is the same leader of Becket Woods that can't squeeze the District of Becket Woods quick and hard enough via increases in the owners' District Road Taxes. Amato is a big spender when it comes to other peoples' money.

Amato was originally taxed $744.93 per quarter for 2007 by the Town of Becket for the partially finished house, as below (the house looked the same in January of 2007 virtually nothing done since). Amato went to the Assessor's office and got a special deal. The Assessor pretended the house didn't exist and reduced its value to zero (an alleged abatement), so John Amato could get a deal or no real estate taxes on the house. 

In February of 2008 it was learned by an irate citizen that Amato appeared to be getting his usual special treatment. Why should Amato get away without paying his taxes when he's all to happy to jack up the Becket Woods Road District Taxes. The Becket Assessor claimed that they didn't "catch his house because it was in the woods and they could not see it". Only in the Town of Becket, - liars are an epidemic. When it was pointed out that the Becket Tax records reflected not only that the Assessor knew the house existed but had taxed Amato in  2007 and refunded the money, the Assessors Office Assistant (Will) told the complaining citizen to get out of the Becket Town Hall or she would have him arrested. Arrested for complaining about documented malfeasance by the Becket Assessors Office? No wonder Amato thinks he can get away with defrauding our election -  corruption is  everywhere in Becket. It is a real shame that in this alleged land of freedom that petty government officials, Becket Assessors Office, have their own police department to throw citizens in jail when the citizen catches them lying  about their illegal conduct or malfeasance. Like to look at Amato's real estate tax bill?

After complaint to the Town of Becket Selectmen, Amato was assessed and taxed on the house below. Becket tax records reflect that Amato is being taxed at a rate of 45% completion of this same house. Is that only 45% complete? 


Amato sued by mason - Amato counter sues and pays zero

According to Berkshire Real Estate Deeds, John Amato was sued and his new house attached by the mason who built the chimney and fireplace on that same house because Amato did not pay him $10, 000.00 for his labor. The mason is owed $10,000.00 according to court records for the construction of the chimney and fireplace of this same house. Amato counter sued - claiming that the mason, Andre, did the work wrong. Amato also claims per counter suit that he only owes $3,000.00 and that the mason agreed to build the chimney/fireplace for $3,000.00 labor. Ya right! A mason would never do all that work for $3,000.00 labor, especially in Berkshire County.

There was no written contract on the mason work because Amato was so charming that the mason "thought he was o.k.". This Web Site had not yet been published to alert the public to the cuteness of Amato. Make no mistake John Amato has the "gracious routine" down pat.

The cost of a chimney/fireplace in Berkshire County is about $20,000.00 - split between labor and materials. If you don't believe it get some estimates from masons. By the way, the fireplace/chimney on Amato's house is native stone and is a pretty good size, so that would sure command more than what Amato claims was the price of $12,000.00 ($9K material + $3K labor). Amato consulted with Michael Elbery prior to hiring Andre for the mason work and Amato told Elbery that Andre gave him an estimate of $19,500.00 (including labor and material) for the same work. Elbery's advise to Amato in the Spring of 2006, when the building boom was still booming, was that if you can get that guy at that price do it now.

According to Amato's counterclaim, the reason Amato's house has been a piece of Work-in-Progress for over two years is because Andre the mason built the chimney/fireplace wrong causing a hold on the balance of construction. According to District information from various tradesmen who have worked on the house, the roof on Amato's house was built wrong  and that is the reason why Amato's house sits unfinished. Isn't John Amato claiming he built that house? Amato is in the construction business - "Amato Construction".

Amato is claiming via his counter suit that it will cost him $12,500.00 to correct Andre's job and rebuild the chimney/fireplace correctly.


Bill Girard - The Becket Building Inspector - Bails Out (lies and schemes to defraud mason) for Amato 

And guess who Amato is using to claim the fireplace/chimney was built wrong by Andre? That's right - Bill Girard the Becket, Mass. Building Inspector. Hey Bill Girard, you better make sure that chimney/fireplace that Amato and you are claiming is no good is torn down and Andre's alleged defective work replaced before you issue Amato an occupancy permit. Only in the Town of Becket could the Building Inspector be relied on by Amato to help conspire to cheat a family out of hard earned money. Bill Girard was the pivot man in helping Amato cheat Andre LeDoux, the mason, out of $10K. There is more coming on Bill Girard and his ability to falsify. 

Gee! the Chimney looks pretty good to us; according to Amato's counterclaim the chimney/fireplace must be rebuilt because the mason constructed it incorrectly. Do you think that Amato is going to tear down and rebuild that chimney? He must or his counterclaim is fraudulent. If Amato does not rebuild and reconstruct the chimney as he claims is needed via his counterclaim then he is committing perjury and fraud on the court and the mason has a right to reinstate the case against Amato due to Fraud and Unjust Enrichment.

Amato walked away from the lawsuit and paid the mason nothing for his labor of $10,000.00. Due to the costs of attorneys and Amato's counterclaim the mason gave up and agreed to dismiss the case and took zero.

Here is the worst part of this $10,000 story about a mason who works for a living. Andre's, wife died of cancer several years ago leaving Andre a young family of 4 children to raise on his own. It is bad enough that Amato will rig an election to defeat the Majority in Beck Woods but this Amato will do this to a man with 4 children that have to be supported! Andre is an honest and hard working man and is well known by everyone in Berkshire County as being of this status. Amato you cheated not just Andre but his young children and you knew Andre has children to support.  To bad Amato didn't cheat someone else who would have given him what he deserves. 


Amato's creative financing 

John has been busy, he sold his old house at 211 Woodmere Rd. to his daughter and her husband (Hawkes) for a $280,000.00 according to Berkshire Realty Deeds. This is the house that Amato paid Joe LaCascia $95, 000.00 for back in 2006. John is a mover and shaker and a real go-getter -  the sale to his daughter has a big mortgage attached..

Don't worry about John this winter - he never moved out of the house at 211 Woodmere Rd. - Now that's creative financing. And Amato's house at 211 Woodmere is still for sale on the M.L.S. as it had been before the "sale" to his daughter.




                                                                       Is this another Becket Woods  Sno Job by John Amato?