How to Join The Becket Woods Taxpayers Association



Are you a landowner in Becket Woods? Do you agree that things are not right in Becket Woods Road District? Would you like to see some or all of the changes suggested in this Web Site?

Would you like to stop some or all of the abuses that are irrefutably occurring in the District of Becket Woods?


Well then you are a member. You don't have to sign or say anything. All you have to do is stay informed and know that you are not alone anymore, that there is an organization of the Majority in Becket Woods who are not happy with what has happened in Becket Woods.


It does not cost you anything - only tries to save you money via lower District Road Taxes and accountable government.


What you do have to do is vote, either by proxy or at the meeting - but don't mail in a proxy to a current member of the Prudential Committee because those people will cheat you - they are experts at cheating you.