Here are Results of The Election of 8-31-08 at Becket Woods District 

Per Order of Mass. Superior Court Judge John Agostini


The District election of 8-31-08 was made up of proxy votes (mail in) and vote cards ( for owners that voted at the meeting). Here are the latest results as now claimed by John Amato and the Prudential Committee. You thought you voted - see if your vote card or proxy is included, see if your lot was voted by you. See below for hyperlink to vote cards and proxies of the 8-31-08 District election.

Yes, the 8-31-08 District Election resulted in another road tax increase, but documented evidence via this Web Site is that the election was rigged and the real vote was much closer and DIFFERENT than the 64-24 vote in favor of the latest tax hike as claimed by Amato. In fact, due to the evidence, the majority in the District of Becket Woods were Opposed to the latest tax hike of 8-31-08.

Election Lowlights

The "highlights" of the election, in addition to the Proxy voters never being informed of the election/voting issue because the original issue was replaced 11/2 hours into the meeting via a motion from the floor, was as follows:

John Amato voted illegally 6 times - see first 2 "proxies in favor" as below.

Jack Siegel voted twice. His second and illegal vote was by proxy dated 2 weeks after the election (only in Becket Woods).

Rhonda and Yale Robbins took and extra vote. Their vote card indicates 3 lots/votes. Next time Rhonda & Yale you are only entitled to 2 votes because you have only 2 lots according to the Town of Becket Assessors Office.

Many of the District owners were never informed of the 8-31-08 meeting and proposed tax hike or related Warrant/proxy in order to prevent Opposition votes.

Many Proxies were trashed by the Prudential Committee in order to make it look like there is no Opposition to them and their policies/rule.

Many owners in the District were never even notified of the election of 8-31-08 and therefore never got a chance to vote.

Vote Cards are unaccounted for and falsified. There was a voted card submitted for Lot #27 owned by Sharon and Seymour Millerman in Favor of the latest tax increase, but the Millerman's were not at the meeting and voted Opposed via Proxy. There was a vote card submitted for Lot #61 which is owned by Bernard and Marilyn Horowitz in favor of the latest tax increase, but the Horowitz's voted by Proxy Opposed. Somebody took the liberty to vote Lot #141 which is owned by Westland Construction in Favor of the tax hike, however, Westland voted Opposed.

Vote cards for Attorney Richard Lieb never showed up. Lieb owns 4 lots and to this Web Site's best knowledge and information Attorney Lieb was at the 8-31-08 meeting.

It is impossible to determine all the defalcations on the vote cards because there was no accountability for the vote cards at the meeting as prescribed by the District laws. The vote cards were "handed out" by various owners to whoever wanted them at the meeting. It was obvious via review of the vote cards that some of the owners did not understand how to properly fill out the vote card so all lots were accounted for.

The District Prudential Committee has enjoyed an unchallenged position in the past and want to continue that illusion. According to past elected officials and owners in the District there is never any Opposition to tax hikes, per official Prudential Committee Decree, and never any choice of candidates for the Prudential Committee elections. There was only 1 vote opposed, according to the Prudential Committee, to the tax hikes in 2006 and 2008 to $700 and $850 respectively. This is of course just more fraud by the Prudential Committee of the District of Becket Woods. The truth is that if all District owners are notified and vote, and their votes not trashed by the Prudential Committee, there will be a majority Opposed to the Prudential Committee and their policies.

The days are gone when the District Prudential Committee is going to be allowed to pretend that everybody agrees with them and their corruption. Nobody with any common sense will buy real estate in Becket Woods - Who wants their real estate controlled by a bunch of small time gangsters that rip everyone else off? Clean up the mess and elect new candidates this July 2009 because your real estate values depend on you getting honest people on the Prudential Committee.

The Election Documents of 8-31-08

Vote Cards   Note: the copies of the vote cards were produced deliberately in a very poor quality - you may have to increase your brightness feature and use the magnification feature to read some of the cards.

Proxies Voted in Favor   Note: John Amato voted 6 times on the first 2 proxies - Amato owns none of those lots. Amato had the crust to help himself to the vote of another lot owner's vote, Fred Knapp on Gentian Hollow Rd.

Proxies Voted Opposed  Did you vote Opposed? Can you find your proxy or vote card? If not, your vote was trashed like so many others.


At this point, due to the evidence that this Web Site has been allowed, it is undisputable that many lot owner's votes were trashed. What good is an election when the people running the election count can't be trusted.

According to the simple arithmetic, 75 lot owner's votes are unaccounted for. Is this because 75 lot owners simply did not vote? Due to the physical evidence, it is undisputable that part of this large unaccounted for 75 lot owner's vote is due to election rigging and tampering. As per other news articles in this Web Site, John Amato and Mr. Jack "vote often" Siegel took the liberty to help themselves to extra illegal votes. Additionally, many proxy votes were trashed because they voted Opposed to District Prudential sponsored tax hike. The vote cards of some District lot owners, who voted Opposed at the 8-31-08 meeting by vote card, do not show up on the 7 vote card sheets as hyperlinked above. The Prudential Committee has also used the tactic, for years, of not notifying certain lot owners of the District about elections because they would result in votes opposed to District Prudential Committee Agenda. 

The Prudential Committee did not want anyone, particularly this Web Site, to have access to or to see this District vote documentation. But why? Just how much more election rigging and tampering is John Amato and his Prudential Committee guilty of?

Keep in mind that District laws give each and every lot owner in the District of Becket Woods the absolute right to see and examine the voting records presented on this page. In fact, it was a Mass. Superior Court Judge that mandated that John Amato and his attorneys (Aaronson) release the voting records. And now we give you the "luxury" of your rights. More insults to District owner's rights, you get vote card copies that can barely be read.

You may find other dubious entries on the vote cards, some of the vote cards are of doubtful authenticity; some of the owners voting "no or opposed" on the vote cards are die hard "tennis click". What happened to the rest of the real vote cards that voted Opposed?

We need new candidates for Prudential Committee to run for the next election in July 2009!