The Next District Election of 7-4-09 Already Rigged Against New Candidates

RE-Election Candidates August, Flaum, Mansbach Take Advantage of District Election Corruption


There are "new candidates" that want to run for the three seats on the District Prudential Committee that are up for election this next election of July 2009. But as usual in the District of Becket Woods there is a major corruption/obstruction that makes a democratic election impossible for these new candidates and the owners of Becket Woods.

Never been a real election in Becket Woods - Just "Tennis Click" Appointments

First it should be pointed out that there has never been a real election in Becket Woods. Ya, you know the type of election that is supposed to happen in the United States. The elections in Becket Woods are of the Communist - Totalitarian variety. How absurd you say? Well according to first hand observation for the last 4 years there has never been two candidates running against each other for a position on the District Prudential Committee. They have elections but only give you one candidate to vote for - Stalin and Mao Tse Tung used this system while they boasted of free elections.

No, the ruling minority are not Commies, they are probably Democrats, but the ruling minority of the District of Becket Woods demand total control and want you, the majority of owners, to accept that and be quiet and pay them what they dictate.

This One Choice Stalinist style election is by design, see below.

The voting system in Becket Woods works like this - candidates are nominated by the ruling minority tennis click and nobody runs against them. There is only one candidate to vote for whenever one of the 7 Prudential Committee Seats is vacated. Still don't believe it? Here are the documents from two District elections - July 2005 and July 2006.

The key to this election problem in the District is the Nomination Process - there isn't one. The Prudential Committee (tennis click) who control the election in the District decide on their candidates for any openings that occur on the Prudential Committee, and their candidate runs unopposed. Same as an Appointment.

You say this "One Choice Election" exists because no one runs against the Click's candidate? Since the inception of the District, no one has run against the appointments/nominees of the Prudential Committee (tennis click) because the election/nomination system is rigged against them. Well read on and you will find out what you as a District Owner should have known a long time ago.


But it Gets Worse - The election Process is Maliciously Rigged for Tennis Click Appointments, Only

Oh how can  there be election corruption, the entire election process is governed by District Law?  The first problem is the District By-Laws, See Chapter III section 4a, mandate that the nominations will take place on the day of the election at the District Meeting. At first look this presents only a timing problem that can be overcome be a zealous candidate that communicates well in advance of the election that there is "new blood" looking to change the District Corruption and wants to be elected. Yes indeed folks, there are honest and decent owners in the District that would like to run for the 3 openings on the District Prudential Committee.

But that timing problem created by the nominations taking place at the District Meeting (same day as the election) make election of new candidates impossible because the District Proxies are sent out to District Owners 14 days prior to the election, as required by the District Founding Act..


Most of the District Owners do not attend the meetings (the election is at the annual District  Meeting in July held in the Becket Town Hall) and if they vote it will be by Proxy. There were 75 unaccounted for lots/votes at the 8-31-08 election. If those 75 vote in the July 2009 election it will probably be by proxy. (Some of those 75 votes were trashed by Nancy Jane Svirida and John Amato of the District Prudential Committee - some owners were never notified).

But the District Controlling Click is not subjected to this inequity. They decide their candidate before proxies are sent out and that candidate appears on the District Warrant accompanied with the vote Proxy. Alas, another appointment via an alleged free election in this here U.S.A.

It will be business as usual in the District of Becket Woods at the next election in July 2009. The "tennis click" will have their candidates nominated when the Proxies are sent out. The proxy voters will be given no choice, again, in the District. Even if the "new candidates" get nominated on the day of election, as prescribed by District By-Laws, they can only get votes from owners who attend the election meeting on July 4, 2009. There will be another automatic appointment by the "Tennis Click" to the Prudential Committee with this system.

Further Disadvantage to "New Candidates"

The new candidates won't have another advantage of the Click's candidates. The Prudential Committee, as above, will alert the owners of Becket Woods to their candidates, only, via warrant and accompanying proxy. This promotion will take place whether the owners, alerted by warrant and proxy, decide to go to the meeting and vote in person at the meeting rather than by the proxy they received. The District owners who do attend the election meeting won't have time to consider some "new candidate" nominated from the floor of the District Election Meeting a few minutes before the actual vote at the meeting. There was a "little insulting footnote" on the 2006 warrant that accompanied that year's District Proxies  as to other nominations "taken at floor." See #1on the 2006 warrant "*other nominations will be taken from the floor". But see the 2005 warrant and proxy they don't even give the majority and "new candidates" that much respect, as has been the case in every other year.

District Prudential Committee Already Caught Rigging Election

This does not even consider the "Amato Problem". Amato and Nancy Jane Svirida take it upon themselves to rig the election in other creative ways not previously used in the Civilized Free World. Svirida and Amato fail to notify many of the District owners of elections and District Meetings because those owners will vote Opposed to current Prudential - "Tennis Click" policies; those owners do not receive a warrant and proxy (John Amato blames the U.S. Post Office). Nancy Jane and Amato also trashed many of the Proxies voted at the last 8-31-08 Special District Election because those owner's proxies voted  Opposed to the last unnecessary and illegal tax hike. The Prudential Committee allows their side to vote more than once in order to stack the election deck; John Amato, Jack Siegel, and Rhonda Robbins voted 7 and 2 and 2 times respectively. And of course, Amato, Nancy Jane Svirida changed the election counts when it was convenient in order to cover-up incriminating evidence when they got caught throwing away Proxies. There were also falsified vote cards and other illegalities on the vote cards, including trashing. Who knows what else they did, but read the articles on this Web Site - Becket Woods Scandals are plentiful. It took a Mass. Superior Court Judge to get the last election records (vote cards and proxies) that Amato and his Attorneys fought like hell to stop from getting in the hands of the District owners (those are also on this Web Site).

Nancy Jane Svirida is the District Secretary and is responsible for the election and in particular custody of the Proxies and Vote Cards. Nancy has to go with John Amato because they think they can cheat their neighbors and they think nobody can do anything about it.


The District Proxies are issued to John Amato and Nancy Jane Svirida - Another Illegal Tactic

The above is more than enough to kill any hopes of a valid democratic election in the District of Becket Woods, but it gets even worse. The proxies that are sent, allegedly, to all District Owners are issued to John Amato and Nancy Jane Svirida. What's wrong with that you say??

Well the proxies are not legally supposed to be made out to Amato and Svirida, see District By-Laws Chapter II section 4 last paragraph. See the original format as prescribed at the inception of the District. That original format provides for the owner to transfer his vote by proxy to the agent of his choice. The current proxy format requires that the proxies be returned, controlled and voted, only, by the very corrupt and unscrupulous Nancy Jane and John "Mao Tse" Amato. These two have already got caught red handed rigging one election; they will do it again. How do you think Nancy Jane would look in Stripes and with free room and board in Framingham, Mass.?

 Marilyn Flaum,  Steven August, Peter "mansbad" Mansbach seats on the Prudential Committee expire this July 2009 , according to the 2006 District Warrant- These people, particularly August and Flaum, have escaped criticism/adverse publicity, but they are just as bad as John Amato; they are just more clever - Amato is the "front man idiot" that does the dirty work and implements their policies or he would not be needed. They are not happy with Amato because he has caused controversy for them - Amato keeps on getting caught and then gets caught telling more lies to cover-up his illegalities, unlike Amato's predecessor, Joe "Gone for Good to Florida" La Cascia who was smart enough to know you don't jack up taxes double in 2 years. Joey had good instinct; he knew his limits. Joey also knew that "Saxons in the Woods" would be a problem he could not control.

Marilou Flaum, Steve "Tennis at Your Cost" August, and Peter "mansbad" Mansbach will be Scrutinized

These current Prudential committee Members Flaum, August, and Mansbach will not escape future strict scrutiny in their re-election bid this July 2009. These 3 Prudential Committee Members are just as responsible of the above election illegalities and illegalities on this Web Site as their clumsy front man, John Amato, and Nancy Jane Svirida. Flaum, Steve "Tennis Tyrant" August and of course Peter "Mansbad" Mansbach are Guilty of conspiracy in  rigging elections, conspiracy to illegally tax, conspiracy in  concealing District Records, conspiracy in violating (according to Mass. A. G.) Mass. Low Bid Laws. These are all violations of the owners Constitutional Rights and are actionable under s. 1983 and they will have to defend the cases without use of the attorneys the District owners pay for. Personal Capacity is the requisite penalty for such illegalities in the District of Becket Woods. The people have been injured and seek damages.

Historically, it is has been very dangerous to cheat people of their vote and illegally tax.


Simple Solution is to Change Current Election/Proxy System

The above is not a problem for the current ruling regime in the District of Becket Woods - they planned it this way so they have an automatic win and total control of the elections. (Actually it was set up this way years ago when LaCascia was dictator). If nobody can run against you, then you will win. Does anybody think the existing Prudential Committee, who are the leaders of the "Tennis Click", will change anything to cause a fair election? Well, you better read this Web Site because these people are unscrupulous dictators that think everybody else is stupid. These District Dictators want total illegal control of the District not democratic representation via a fair election process. They are not to be trusted.

Can you blame the ruling District Dictators (Tennis Click) for thinking the rest of the District is stupid? No, they have been getting away with this built in corrupt District election process for years, not to mention everything else they have been getting away with per this Web Site.

It should be mentioned, in all fairness to some of the District owners who have thought about running against the District Dictators over the years, that the Prudential Committee in conjunction with their Tennis Click have another tactic that has proved successful in the District. "They shout everybody down" at the District Meetings should any owners disagree with policies and procedures of the "Ruling Click" as represented by the Prudential Committee. They make nasty faces and make lousy comments even tell the biggest threats to get out. They have made the majority of owners in the District so uncomfortable that they would not go to the District Meetings until 8-31-08 when a new leader emerged in the District of Becket Woods; one leader who is absolutely immune to the cowardice of the "shouting crowd" that controls the District of Becket Woods. Everything is relative; these people that control the District of Becket Woods are nothing. They think they are in the clear but they don't understand that they are in very weak position and that their troubles just started - they are dealing with something they are not used to. 



What else is illegal in Becket Woods District that has not yet been discovered by investigation of this Web Site in a short 4 months? Elections Rigged to cause illegal taxation, Election procedures rigged to obstruct fair elections, District Records including the Check Book concealed so the Amato can do as he pleases with our tax money, refusal to abide by the Mass. Low Bid Laws since inception of the District, and a list of more corruption that makes this Web Site grow with shameful scandal that does not bother John Amato, Nancy Jane Svirida and the rest of the bums on the District Prudential Committee.

But what is the solution to this Equal Protection Violation? Elections are a constitutional issue. Will every Judge be corrupted regarding the illegalities in the District and the Violations of District Owner's Constitutional Rights?

The election of new members to the Prudential Committee would ordinarily, except for the impossibilities above, be the answer to the intolerable conduct exposed on this Web Site. The value of your Real Estate depends on the election of new candidates that will run the District in an open and fair manner.