Berkshire County District Attorney Capeless Denies District of Becket Woods Owners Help With District Dictators Election Violations



D.A. Capless is helping John Amato and his Prudential Committee become bigger and better Dictators. Capeless was asked by Michael Elbery that his office do its job and handle the illegalities as documented by the evidence on this Web Site and lawsuit. But Capeless is refusing to do his job. Instead Capeless is knowingly turning his back on the owners/citizens of Becket Woods and allowing Amato and the Prudential Committee to go unscathed while they violate the law..

Oh, during initial conversations with A.D.A. Karen Carlo of the Capeless office before the 8-31-08 election, Karen was all to eager to help the district against the District Dictators. A.D.A. Karen Carlo understood the problems and confirmed via phone conversations with Elbery that they would take the case. Then the illegalities got worse because of the change in voting issue at the 8-31-08 meeting - the case against the election of 8-31-08 became much bigger and easier, but in the interim Carlo and the Capeless Office decided not to do their job. They decided they did not want the case even though Mass. G.L. C. 39 s. 23B authorizes them to prosecute the illegalities as per the lawsuit.

Oh, Elbery sent Karen Carlo a detailed letter - but she committed nonfeasance and has acquiesced in the illegalities surrounding the election of 8-31-08 at the District of Becket Woods. By turning her back on the illegalities that she was alerted to via the letter and  lawsuit she and Capeless are approving the illegalities of the Prudential Committee at Becket Woods. And at the Expense and Rights of the Owners of the District of Becket Woods.

A.D.A. Karen Carlo and D.A. Capeless Attended the hearing of 10-21-08 at Berkshire Superior Court

But they could not stay away from the Becket Woods controversy. Big as life, both Karen Carlo and Capeless entered the Courtroom to see Michael Elbery. And he had no Cape. Carlo sat at the table in front of the judge while the next to last case that 10-21-08 was concluding. Carlo spread a bunch of papers on the table to try to make it look official. She kept an eye on Michael Elbery. Capeless made a walk through and nearly broke his rubber neck while gawking at Elbery. What was bothering these two do nothings? They deny justice yet they have nothing better to do than go on a sightseeing tour. Hey Karen those black spike heels and black nylons and bleached blond hair are little much for public servants - is that appropriate attire for a  state employee in a courthouse? Karen were you dressed up for the special occasion? You wear a get up like that to a night club. 

Maybe she didn't think the case was sexy enough.