Goodbye to the Casualties of War


War in the District? Did you say Casualties?



Say Goodbye to Mark "his Majesty" Millet

for Millet has quit.


Say Goodbye to former Becket Woods Attorney Paul B. Sherr

of Whom the War did not spare.


Say Goodbye to the District tax to $1K   

Do to Controversy it did not stay.


The District has a new lawyer

Attorney Aaronson ran away.


Oh, what became of Nancy Jane you you do say?

Attorney Nancy Svirida found Amato a pain

washed her hands to refrain in recusal she will remain


Who will be next it's hard to Say.


At the time of this verse the co-conspirators had planned to abort the Special Election tax hike of 8-31-08- it was a few days latter that Michael Elbery uncovered the Becket Woods Prudential Committee conspiracy with the Becket Assessor's Office to blame the Mass. D.O.R. for canceling the election tax hike in order to escape prosecution for their illegalities/crime.