Town of Becket Official, Bill Girard, Cheats Family of Five of $11.5K - Conspires in 2 Schemes to Commit Perjury 

Bill Girard the Becket Building Inspector Caught Lying for Amato and Patlin Enterprises Inc.

Flash! - Patlins' Counterclaims Dismissed by Court - Patlin's Surrender with Payment to Elbery


The Town of Becket, Mass. is synonymous with Corruption, but they had an honest Building Inspector for several years - His name was Keith Fox. Well, Fox got his - the influence peddlers in Becket hated him and ran him out of town. In 2005 the Town of Becket decided not to make that mistake again, so they hired Bill Girard because Girard plays ball and knows who butters his bread. Bill is disliked by many in Becket - he is generally regarded by the citizenry as lazy. Girard even has a new assistant during this depression era in housing construction that started years ago in Becket, Mass.


Bill Girard Schemes with John Amato to Cheat Mason and his Family out of $11,500.00

Bill Girard got caught helping John Amato cheat a local mason, Andre LeDoux, and his family out of $11,500.00. Yes that's right, without Girard, the Becket Building Inspector, Amato would not have been able to cheat Andre out of $11.5K. In a countersuit Amato used Girard as an expert witness to claim that Andre built the chimney/fireplace on Amato's new house @ 311 Woodmere Rd., Becket, Woods, in a defective manner or wrong. John Amato further claimed according to his countersuit that the entire chimney/fireplace built by Andre would have to be torn down and reconstructed at a cost of $12,000.00. John Amato's leverage was the corrupt little Becket Building Inspector, Bill Girard. Girard came to Amato in his moment of need and inspected Andre's work and claimed that Andre's work had a defect. But that chimney fireplace built by Andre remains almost a year after Andre was forced to dismiss his claim against Amato. In fact, after 3 years of construction Amato's new Lincoln Log house @ 311 Woodmere Rd, Becket Woods, is complete. The work, chimney and fireplace, Andre did is still in tact and has never been tampered with let alone torn down.

What kind of a place is Becket, Mass. that they allow this kind of corruption to operate and control a crucial function of their town - Building inspection. Becket relies on new home construction to increase its tax base and has done very well in the new home construction business via a wealth of real estate taxes that only benefit the small number of year around residents and of course the town officials. That's right, most of the tax base yields real estate taxes from second home/vacation home owners who receive minimal tax benefits in return and cannot vote in Becket, Mass.

Doesn't Andre Ledoux deserve to be paid for his labor on that chimney & fireplace; that is how he supports his family. It took Andre some significant time and resources to build that chimney/fireplace on Amato's new house. Amato gave him $0 and he couldn't have cheated Andre without the aid of Bill Girard the Becket Building Inspector.

Is that the kind of person that the citizens want representing them in Becket Town Hall? Is that the kind of behavior and corrupt performance that Becket taxpayers are paying for?

No wonder Becket, Mass. is known as corruption, everyone in that Town Hall is supporting that crummy Bill Girard in his perjury because the crooks all protect each other.

Girard should be immediately fired!! He should also be convicted of malfeasance/fraud. What kind of person would help a hooknosed John Amato cheat a family out of $11,500.00 worth of hard earned labor?

Need all the Documented truth on the Amato - Girard Conspiracy see below, "Amato Sued by Mason..." or click here.



Bill Girard Conspires with the Pernicious Patlins to Commit Perjury, Again 

One of the biggest adversaries of former Becket Building Inspector, Keith Fox, was the Patlin Family that own Patlin Enterprises Inc. of Charlemont/Harley, Mass. - The infamous Patlins were the  New England dealer for Lincoln Log Ltd. homes. The Patlins have fallen upon hard times because Lincoln Logs Ltd. went belly up and Liquidated via the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Albany, New York in September 2008. The terrible Patlins, who sold their customers a 100 year warranty on their Lincoln Log houses, were not happy with Fox's honesty. Keith Fox could be relied on to honestly and evenly enforce the Mass. Building Code regardless of influence peddlers and their meddling and demand for special treatment.

Most recently Bill Girard has decided to lie under oath for Steve, Leslie and Nikki Patlin, owners of Patlin Enterprises Inc. against Michael Elbery who is suing the Patlins for FRAUD amongst other claims. And guess who the Patlins are relying on to lie for them in order to corroborate their lies? That's right none other than Bill Girard the Becket Building Inspector. Amongst other reasons, the Patlins know what a good job Billy Boy did for John Amato via Amato's counterclaim against Andre LeDoux, the mason, as above. Amato does business with the Patlins; Steve Patlin throws Amato little jobs that are paid by Patlin's new home customers. Bill Girard is conspiring to commit perjury against Elbery in order to give evidence for the Patlins and their attorney Chistopher Timson of Norwood, Mass. via their malicious counterclaim against Elbery.

Noteworthy, the Patlins had to go 100 miles across the state to Norwood, Mass. to find an attorney who would aid them in their deliberate and malicious lies and perjury via their counterclaim against Michael Elbery. They didn't have to go far to find Bill Girard - Girard was close by in the town known for corruption, Becket, Mass. The Patlins have been using attorneys for years due to their constant need in the courts via lawsuits - the Patlins did not want those lawyers knowing what they were planning in the countersuits against Elbery. Attorney Timson is also a Selectman in the good Town of Walpole, Mass.


Yes, Elbery filed a lawsuit against the Patlins and their company, Patlin Enterprises Inc. in November 2007. In August of 2008 the Patlins with the aid of their Attorney - Christopher Timson filed 3 counterclaims against Elbery. All 3 are deliberate fabrications and perjury. The Patlins chief witnes/liar is Bill Girard the lousy Becket Builing Inspector. Girard is claiming, according to Patlins counterclaim, that Elbery "Said something" (See paragraph #5 on page numbered 13) in Girard's office in the Becket Town Hall. The Patlins are using Girird's lies as major evidence in support of the sole remaining counterclaim by the Patlins. Two of Patlins 3 counterclaims against Elbery were dismissed as groundless or "failing to State a Claim for Relief".

Per phone conversation with Michael Elbery in August of 2008, Bill Girard alleged (falsely) that Elbery was guilty of everything the Patlins claimed happened in his Becket Town Hall Office on April 11, 2007 via their counterclaims. Girard spoke like a true advocate who can be relied on.

Bill Girard was invited by this Web Site and watchdog organization to be interviewed and disclose any facts or evidence that the Patlins and their attorney were inaccurate about via their counterclaim. Girard refused to respond, so he must have agreed to conspire with the Patlins and Attorney Timson to defraud Elbery and commit perjury against him via the Patlin counterclaim.

The Patlin's plan is simple - they use Girard to commit perjury because a jury is likely to believe a government official. The jury won't know that Girard is a documented liar and crook, as per his lies against Andre Ledoux, and will do anything to please the influence peddlers in Becket, Mass. - Girard knows how to make his masters happy in the Town of Becket. 

Sucker Girard

What Girard does not know is that he may not receive any future benefits by helping the Patlins lie against Elbery in a Court of law. According to Attorney Christopher Timson, during settlement discussions, the Patlins may go out of business. Yes, Timson told Elbery that his lawsuit against Patlin Enterprises Inc. may go the way, in that same suit, as co-defendant - Lincoln Log, a bankruptcy. If Patlin Enterprises Inc. files bankruptcy as their attorney, Timson, implied, then Girard's favor to the Patlins will not be rewarded. Girard may rationalize that Patlin is so influential in the Becket area that his conspiracy with Patlin against Elbery will result in other consideration/favor. But once a guy like Patlin and his money are gone everybody is glad to see him go, the memories are bad. How do people allow themselves to be controlled/intimidated by the insincere and unscrupulous Steve Patlin. Steve Patlin will give you an apple for an orchard any day of the week. 


Update - Bill Girard left out in Rain by Patlins - Patlins defeated & Pay Elbery 

Attorney Christopher Timson and his "Patlin family" clients lost in defeat as all their 3 counterclaims were dismissed. In defeat, the Patlin family decided to forego trial and paid their debt to Michael Elbery in settlement.

Initially, only two of Timson's counterclaims were dismissed by the Court - Mary Lou Rup but Elbery motioned for reconsideration for the Court to dismiss the surviving 93A claim. Once again, another of  Elbery's cases makes judicial history, as the defendant's Attorney, Timson, voluntarily dismissed his own client's 93A Counterclaim?!!!   How often does that happen? The answer is never. Was a deal made with the Mass. Judiciary and Timson in order to allow the Mass. Judiciary the embarrassment of signing off on a dismissal of the final surviving Patlin counterclaim? After all, Elbery is the enemy of the Mass. Judiciary - they have not yet silenced Elbery as is customary in the police state called Massachusetts run by Margaret Marshall and company.

Well, whatever deal was made with Timson, in order to voluntarily cancel his client's only surviving counterclaim and only leverage left against Elbery at trial, the Patlins capitulated,  after vowing never to pay Elbery a penny. Steve "Izzy" Patlin is known as the most formidable opponenent in Berkshire County's construction industry to get on a lawsuit due to his using his status as an "agent" to avoid any contract violations. Well this time Izzy Patlin was taught a lesson and got a good ass-kicking. But Izzy and his business family's, wife-Leslie and daughter Nikki, biggest penalty was that they had to pay their own legal fees to Attorney Christopher Timson after a year and a half of vicious litigation. Izzy you crook - you could have paid Elbery less money and no legal fees when he sent you a 93A letter of demand and an e-mail just requesting his money be refunded. That's right Steve "Izzy" Patlin could have got away with paying far less and relieved his pompous family and their alleged 10 trial witnesses a whole lot of sweat if he just acted reasonable. But Izzy has a big ego and decided to go the hard way. You got just what you deserved Izzy and that sneaky attorney of the Mass. Bar, Christopher Timson, who pulled every lousy sleaze-ball trick on Elbery has a bunch of your money in defeat. Izzy you are simply a dope. No doubt, Izzy will try to get even - Izzy thinks that he is Royalty.

And Bill Girard did all that lying for nothing as his masters, the Patlin Family, bailed out and paid Elbery. 




John Amato's Lies for Patlins against Elbery - Dismissed

The Patlins were also using John Amato to lie via one of their counterclaims (see paragraph #9 & #10 and Counterclaim II) against Elbery. But Amato's lies, via the Patlin counterclaim, were deemed so stupid that it was immediately dismissed. Patlin did throw Amato some work before Lincoln Log went belly up.


Amato sued by mason - Amato counter sues and pays zero

According to Berkshire Real Estate Deeds, John Amato was sued and his new house attached by the mason who built the chimney and fireplace on that same house because Amato did not pay him $11, 500.00 for his labor. The mason is owed $11,500.00, according to court records, for the construction of the chimney and fireplace of thiat same house. Amato counter sued - claiming that the mason, Andre LeDoux, did the work wrong. Amato also claims per counter suit that he only owes $3,000.00 and that the mason agreed to build the chimney/fireplace for $3,000.00 labor. Ya right! A mason would never do all that work for $3,000.00 labor, especially in Berkshire County.

There was no written contract on the mason work because Amato was so charming (Amato's insincere graciousness act) that the mason "thought he was o.k.". This Web Site had not yet been published to alert the public to the "cuteness of Amato". Make no mistake John Amato has the "gracious routine" down pat.

The cost of a chimney/fireplace in Berkshire County is about $20,000.00 - split between labor and materials. If you don't believe it get some estimates from masons. By the way, the fireplace/chimney on Amato's house is native stone and is a pretty good size, so that would sure command more than what Amato claims was the price of $12,000.00 ($9K material + $3K labor). Amato consulted with Michael Elbery prior to hiring Andre for the mason work and Amato told Elbery that Andre gave him an estimate of $19,500.00 (including labor and material) for the same work. Elbery's advise to Amato in the Spring of 2006, when the building boom was still booming, was that if you can get that guy at that price do it now.

According to Amato's counterclaim, the reason Amato's house has been a piece of Work-in-Progress for over two years is because Andre the mason built the chimney/fireplace wrong causing a hold on the balance of construction. According to District information from various tradesmen who have worked on the house, the roof on Amato's house was built wrong  and that is the reason why Amato's house sits unfinished. Isn't John Amato claiming he built that house? Amato is in the construction business - "Amato Construction".

Amato is claiming via his counter suit that it will cost him $12,500.00 to correct Andre's job and rebuild the chimney/fireplace correctly.


Bill Girard - The Becket Building Inspector - Bails Out (lies and schemes to defraud mason) for Amato 

And guess who Amato is using to claim the fireplace/chimney was built wrong by Andre? That's right - Bill Girard the Becket, Mass. Building Inspector. Hey, Bill Girard you better make sure that chimney/fireplace that Amato and you are claiming is no good is torn down and Andre's alleged defective work replaced before you issue Amato an occupancy permit. Only in the Town of Becket could the Building Inspector be relied on by Amato to help conspire to cheat a family out of hard earned money. Bill Girard was the pivot man in helping Amato cheat Andre LeDoux, the mason, out of $11.5K. There is more coming on Bill Girard and his ability to falsify. 

Gee! the Chimney looks pretty good to us; according to Amato's counterclaim the chimney/fireplace must be rebuilt because the mason constructed it incorrectly. Do you think that Amato is going to tear down and rebuild that chimney? He must or his counterclaim is fraudulent. If Amato does not rebuild and reconstruct the chimney, as he claims is needed via his counterclaim, then he is committing perjury and fraud on the court and the mason has a right to reinstate the case against Amato due to Fraud and Unjust Enrichment.

Amato walked away from the lawsuit and paid the mason nothing for his labor of $11,500.00. Due to the costs of attorneys and Amato's counterclaim the mason gave up and agreed to dismiss the case and took zero. But it was the Bill Girard's testimony that falsely defeated Andre the mason.

Here is the worst part of this $11,500 story about a mason who works for a living. Andre's, wife died of cancer several years ago leaving Andre a young family of 4 children to raise on his own. It is bad enough that Amato will rig an election to defeat the Majority in Beck Woods but this Amato will do this to a man with 4 children that have to be supported! Andre is an honest and hard working man and is well known by everyone in Berkshire County as being of that status. Amato you cheated not just Andre but his young children and you knew Andre had children to support.  Too bad Amato didn't cheat someone else who would have given him what he deserves.