Berkshire Realtors Alerted to District Law Suit and Undisputed Violations of Law

                                                             It's Curtains for Becket Woods Real Estate Values- Sales



Is it Curtains for Becket Woods District Real Estate? According to local realtors, via interview by this Web Site, they are not alerting potential buyers to the Federal lawsuit pending against the Becket Woods Prudential Committee in the Federal District Court - Springfield, Mass.

The realtors are required, by Mass. law, to inform potential buyers that there is the pending Federal lawsuit, Michael Elbery v. Becket Woods Road District et al., (including John "Moa Tse" Amato and Pete "the meat" Mansbach) that would make them instantly, upon purchase of real estate in Becket Woods, contingently liable for damages caused by violations of Constitutional Rights, tort, and Federal RICO laws. The realtors, in typical Berkshire County fashion, are claiming they don't know anything about the lawsuit and are not required to disclose it to potential buyers; this in the same conversation/breath that they discuss the merits of the lawsuit.

As a result, this Web Site will alert all Real Estate Agencies in the towns of Lee, Becket, Otis, Great Barrington, Dalton, Lenox by U.S. certified mail about the lawsuit, so they can't claim they knew nothing about the Becket Woods lawsuit  as filed by plaintiff, Michael Elbery, in May of 2009. These realtors will not only be alerted in writing to the lawsuit but to the undisputed issues/illegalties (no compliance with Mass. Low Bid Laws and Disclosure of District Public Records). The realtors will also be alerted to the Web Site - which they already know about; all potential real estate buyers in Becket Woods would want to see that Web Site that discloses all (known at this date) illegal activity in Becket Woods Road District by the ruling Prudential Committee. If these realtors make a sale to someone who had no idea that they would be automatically subject to damages, via a major Federal lawsuit, because they bought real estate in Becket Woods, those realtors will be found guilty of fraud because they have to tell the potential buyers of this lawsuit and all the other issues that are undisputed, as contained in the lawsuit, such as no compliance with the Mass. Low Bid laws and no disclosure of Becket Woods Public Records (financial records and voting records of the District).

One realtor, whose name will not be disclosed unless a violated real estate purchaser is suing for fraud, claimed that disclosures, as above, are not required by law because they are all opinions of Michael Elbery and require a final adjudication in a court of law to make disclosure required. The realtor had to be reminded that the District owners voted, on 7-12-09, to assume all liability for any and all damages resulting from any lawsuit caused by legal actions against the District Prudential Committee, including the multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by Michael Elbery. The realtor had to be reminded that makes any new real estate buyer in Becket Woods immediately in the status of contingently liable for damages resulting from Elbery's Federal lawsuit. That realtor will be found guilty of fraud for non-disclosure should the buyer decide to take legal action.

There are as many as 5 houses and 15 vacant lots for sale in Becket Woods - most on the market over 2 years and some over 5 years. It will only get worse once the Realtors are scared into doing an honest job/disclosure.


Real Estate Attorneys - too!!! Yes that's right, all Berkshire County Attorney's of the Bar have been notified of this web site , the lawsuit filed by Elbery, and all the scandals perpetrated by John salmineo Amato and his predessessor Joe "I ran to Florida" LaCassia (not to mention Pete "mansbad" Mansbach.

And You Know how an attorney loves to come in and kill a real estate transaction - makes them feel like they know something. Real Estate law - how proletariat - for real law that would scare all Berkshire County Attorneys see it discloses some of Michael Elbery's legal compositions/documents - law/legal theory that most attorneys could never handle.