The Becket Woods Community Association


The Becket Woods Community Association is alive and well. It has its own Web Site complete with officers (were they elected? Nobody seems to know) and official duties or jurisdiction within the District. The Becket Woods Association was the predecessor organization to the Becket Woods Road District (created by Mass. Legislature in 2000) and land transactions have been transacted, currently, in the name of that same Association .


As a result of talking to Attorney John Craven, who works for the State of Mass., it was pointed out by Craven that  The Becket Woods Community Association  really isn't alive and well at all and actually has been legally dead for decades. According to Massachusetts Secretary of State's Office The Becket Woods Community Association, Inc. was involuntarily revoked in 1986. Craven did not have the courtesy to correct his false alert until he was contacted months later. Craven then admitted that the Association was revived in 1989. This Web Site has been corrected, immediately to reflect that reality. Craven should have had the courtesy to alert those he gave inaccurate information to, but not even a return call from Craven. 

Craven was contacted to enforce M.G.L. C. 30B regarding the land that was sold on Stage Coach Rd. to Millet. 30B requires that the District has to advertise the land to insure that the District gets the highest price for the land. Craven of the Mass. Inspector General's Office simply dismissed the whole thing without even having the courtesy to return a call. Craven stated that the Association is not a government entity and therefore not subject to 30B.


Craven thinks, because he was told by John Amato, that the Association is completely separate entity and ownership than the District, then that is a fact. Craven stated, "that was found to be satisfactory". We'll Craven you are  not doing your job if you allow John Amato to be judge, jury and executioner. The name on the Registry Deeds of lots "owned" by the Association reflects land transactions that occurred before the Road District was created. Those lots that are in the name of the Association belong to the Road District owners, not some separate group independent of the District owners called the "Association". See Section 1- B through D of the Founding Act.

Had Craven found that the lot that Millet bought was part of the Road District he would have been obliged to at least continue an investigation or the case regarding 30b violation. Instead he talked to John Amato and he let Amato decide the issue by claiming that the land sold to Millet and Levey on StageCoach Rd. were not owned by the District. Since when do you let the people that are being investigated and have a biased interest decide the issues.

That lot on Stage Coach sold to Millet belonged to the owners of the District as do all existing 9 lots that are currently in the name "Becket Woods Community Association". See the District Founding Act Section 1 - and Section 1 - C through D. It says that "BWCA lots shall be maintained by the District for the benefit of all members of the District."

The District owners pay real estate taxes on lots "owned" by the Association, therefore, as is obvious, they belong to all District owners.

The proceeds of the lots sold to Levey and Millet at giveaway prices were used to finance the new clay tennis court, without the approval of the District Voters. If in reality those lots were not owned by the District would the money have gone to the District tennis Court?

Yes, before the Road District it was the Association which was supposed to be a legal corporation. All legal business was transacted under the Association's name, but nothing should have been done in the name of the Association after the District was created and voted in.

The Association files with the Mass. Secretary of State and lists certain activities ( including road maintenance and collecting dues) it engages in. Those functions still claimed by the Association are functions and jurisdictions given by the Mass. Legislature to the District via C. 351 Acts of 2000. That means the Association has no function. It is merely a piece of paper filed (paid by the District) with the Secretary of State. And Amato and Svirida - you are supposed tell the Secretary those functions are not the jurisdiction of the Association any more.


Why is there still an Association? It is a means to conduct business behind the backs of the District Owners. And probably more reason why the Prudential Committee wants to conceal all District documents and records.  


We have to eliminate this superfluous Becket Woods Organization (the Association) - this Web Site finds no evidence that the numerous and alleged elected officials are elected by anyone. They, according to their Web Site, have authority and are making policy decisions in Becket Woods that, at a minimum, should be decided by the District, See the Founding Act Section 3. Enough with this Fraudulent Organization that no one can explain - you are now Pronounced Null and Void by the Owners of Becket Woods. Hey, is that where the $1,500.00 a year in taxes is being spent to a Web Master - to update and maintain a Web Site of the Association that has no reason to exist.