Attorney Brian O'Donnell's, of Martha Cockley's Mass. A.G. Office, Writes Erstwhile letter/Order for Amato to Comply with Low Bid Law!

 O'Donnell Confirms Amato's claim that Millet contract is only $24K per year??!!

AG Office thinks Millet is Fired?!



Yes Sir, it is amazing how even the most powerful capitulate to the promotion of the written word via the Internet. They don't like to be subjected to the same tactics that they use, especially when they have been singled out with their own incompetence and misfeasance. See how they run. It is a brave man who can stand alone.

Attorney Brian O'Donnell of the Mass. A.G.'s Office decided, after 6 months, to confirm, in writing/letter, his decision of the November 2008 hearing against John Amato and the Becket Woods Prudential Committee to comply with the Mass. low bid laws for contract work done in Becket Woods.


Here is the letter. It is not as strongly worded as it should be. But you be the judge and decide whether it indicates O'Donnell's decision that Amato and the Becket Woods Prudential Committee have been violating the Mass. Low Bid laws by automatically, (every year since inception of the District) awarding Mark Millet the District road maintenance contract at Millet's price. The letter is strong enough to indicate that the Mass. A.G.'s Office is ordering Amato and his "Gang of Prudential" to solicit low bids for District road work in compliance with Mass. Low Bid Laws. This means they have to advertise in the paper, also advertise for bids on District contract work in the Mass. Register, and obtain sealed bids from independent contractors. And of course, there is not supposed to be the usual flaunting of the law/corruption as is usual via the corruption that John Amato is known for. Yes, Amato you are not authorized to be a dictator, although a casual observer would could come to no other conclusion based on the overpowering evidence. In the opinion of this website Amato is a psychopath. It takes a special deviant to rig an election for the motive to "rule" small time Becket Woods. No doubt, John Amato is small.


Where are the Tax Revenues Going? Amato documents Millet gets $24K for District Road work in 2009!


See the letter, A.G. hearing officer, Brian O'Donnell confirms in official document of the State of Massachusetts that Amato testified at the 11-18-2008 hearing at the AG's Office in Springfield, Mass. that Mark Millet's contract for District road and maintenance work is only a paltry $24K/year. This $24K is also confirmed in writing via the alleged contract between Millet and the District, as produced by Amato and his attorneys after they lost the AG's hearing. See Exhibit A to that contract - it itemizes all work included for the $24K price. As per that same contract, the $24K only excludes snow plowing and clean up of trees due to storms. This means that, as per the contact, most of the work required to be done in Becket Woods costs only $24,000.00/year.

Well - the big question is - where is the rest of the District tax revenues going??? Amato and his gang, that so far has managed to illegally control Becket Woods while everybody else was scared to say anything to that mob, has just managed to increase yearly District Revenues to $162,000.00. Hey, there seems to be something missing here - in an amount over $100,000.00 per year, and that is being conservative. Is this huge discreprancy going to the cost of Tennis?

In other words, if Millet is paid $24K for his contract for f/y/e 2009 where is the rest of the tax revenue going? Even at the $500/year District Road Tax rate of two years ago, (162 lots x $500/lot = $81,000.00/year in District tax), somebody has to explain where the money is going. We know this is Becket Woods and the owners don't dignify an answer to this mystery. Is somebody lying again? Or is it just plain embezzlement? Amato will never tell - he thinks he only has to answer to Peter Mansbach and the leaders of the tennis click.

It is irrefutable that since the inception of the District Mark Millet has had the contract to the District road work. It is also irrefutable that almost all the District Budget goes to paying for the District road work. Ask yourself what else is done. Of course, there is the illegal tennis court maintenance contract that was never approved by the voters and the illegal tennis court that was built in 2006 illegally behind the backs of the District owners without vote approval (all capital expenditures must be approved by vote by the owners).

John Amato, in defense, will claim that it costs over $30K for District Dirt! That's right Amato per his last "District Budget" claimed that it costs over $30K a for f/y/e for District Dirt. The District Dirt is comprised of sand for the District Beach and road resurfacing in the Spring. This is such Bullshit. Call the local sand pit and you will find that dirt (even airport mix) is sold by the ton/truck load because it is dirt cheap. Get it - Dirt is Dirt Cheap. If you paid over $30K in a year for District Dirt you have to go away. The cost of gravel for the roads and Beach Sand (maybe a $100 every other year for the beach sand) should be less than $3K/year.


Noteworthy - AG thinks Mark Millet is fired?! Amato is lying again.

See the second to last paragraph of the AG's latest letter, it indicates that Millet's contract was "rescinded". John Amato told the Mass. AG' Office/Attorney O'Donnell that Millet's "contract" would be voided/rescinded due to non-compliance with the Mass. Low Bid laws. Of course there never was a written contract with Millet or the alleged submission of bids by two other contractors (Cooper and LaFrenier) for the contract work in the District. Amato with the aid of his attorneys fabricated all that documentation after they were found in violation of law and tried to save face. After all, if they could convince the District owners that non-compliance with the low bid laws was just a "technicality" then they could also convince the unknowing District owners that the "technical violation" of the "costly procedures" of low bid laws was actually saving the District money. So Amato will claim he was doing the District owners a favor by violating the low bid laws.

Well, the procedures required to comply with Mass. Low Bid Laws are not expensive (newspaper add), except for Mark "His Majesty" Millet. Millet is making far more than $24K a year out of the Becket Woods treasury. Compliance with the Mass. Low Bid laws will save the District owners a fortune and allow for District road taxes to be less than $500.00/year.

Millet was not fired nor was his newly fabricated written contract rescinded after the AG found Amato and his "Gang of Prudential" were in violation of law. Since the November decision by the Mass. AG, Mark Millet has been seen doing the District road work as is the custom in the District of Becket Woods. Amato stop that lying!

Mass. Attorney General is Naive or is it influence peddling by the privileged "Gang of Prudential"

Why isn't the Mass. AG' Office doing their job? Is the Mass. AG just going to accept everything John Amato lies about, as the truth? So far that is what the A.G. has done. Hey, Attorney General - Matha Cockly, it requires that you investigate and enforce, not be corrupted by the petty influence peddlers of Becket Woods. Sad that such sundry group as the Becket Woods Prudential Committee could rank privilege that would cause blatant violation of law.