The answer is that John Amato and his home rule gangsters goofed up AGAIN. Yes, the District increase for f/y/e 2009 that was supposedly "voted in" at the annual District Meeting of July 5, 2008 was another bumble job by your Prudential Committee led by John Amato.

Can Amato screw anybody without messing it all up?


So eager was Amato and his goofy gang of crooks, the Prudential Committee, to needlessly jack up the District taxes for 2009 that they forgot that July 2008 is the beginning of f/y/e 2009. How stupid can you get! The tax bills were already sent out for 2009 when Mary - Lou Flaum, Clerk of the Prudential Committee, was chasing the Town of Becket to issue the District Road Tax bills at $850.00. Now the Prudential Committee is fighting it out with the Mass. D.O.R. to enforce the higher but tardy tax increase.

This Web Site's best guess is that the District owners will get a retro-active tax bill for the additional $150.00 that Amato wants to needlessly jam down the owner's throats, in order to enforce his new found dictatorship.


Don't worry, by July 2009 (beginning of f/y/e 2010) District owners will be paying $1,000.00 per lot per year for District Road Taxes. If you don't know why by now, start reading this Web Site.