Prudential Committee Objective Met - Westland Construction Forced Out by Unconstitutional Doubling of Taxes

Prudential Chairmen Kill Westland's Real Estate Sales


The Becket Woods District Prudential Committee led by Peter Mansbach and John Amato and formerly Joe LaCascia have been successful in their quest to push Michael Elbery, who is owner of Westland Construction, out of the District.


 District owner, Westland Construction Corp., will no longer attempt to pay the outrageous and needless illegal Road District taxes assessed on its various lots. The cost of taxes on those lots, via quarterly payments to the Becket Woods Road and Maintenance District, is needless, oppressive and disproportionate. The doubling of the District Road Taxes, illegally via rigged elections, in 2 quick years has made it economically unfeasible for Westland to continue in the District. Sale of the land has been futile, see below.

In 2006, John Amato warned Elbery that not only would he never build a house in Becket Woods because he (Amato) had spoken to the Becket Building Inspector, Bill Gerrad, but that Joe LaCascia had made sure any attempt by Elbery to sell his land had been and would be squashed. Elbery responded that he knew the Becket Building Inspector was corrupt and that he would sue LaCascia for his illegal conduct. LaCascia sold his house months later and packed up and ran to Florida thinking he could escape. Think again LaCascia.

What sense did it make for LaCascia to kill Elbery's land sales? It only kept Elbery in the District - the same District that is comprised of nucleus of owners/Prudential Committee that would like to get rid of Elbery. And then LaCascia had to run away when he got scared. Hey Stupid-LaCascia, if you left things alone you would not have had to run away. What a dope!

They wanted to injure Elbery financially, so badly, they didn't think clearly. Now they have to answer.

Gerrad was the same building inspector that Steve Patlin of Patlin Enterprises was using to lie, fabricate evidence for Patlin's countersuit against Elbery back in 2007-2009. Patlin lost that lawsuit and paid Elbery in full settlement of that case even though the Becket Building Inspector was willing to lie on the witness stand for Patlin.

The Massachusetts authorities, via the police, had contaminated Gerrard long before he decided to "score points" by agreeing to lie for Patlin. For years the Massachusetts Judiciary had Elbery followed by various police organizations. Steve McDonald, of the Mass. State Police had been, for years, assigned to follow Elbery's every move. Steve McDonald was involved in various false criminal accusations/charges that he would later back out of due to Elbery outsmarting him and the Mass. State Police on those phony charges. See for all the information.

Elbery will, however, keep one lot in his personal capacity in order to maintain his legal status in the District so that he can continue his cause for Constitutional Compliance by the Prudential Committee of Becket Woods via Elbery's lawsuit and future lawsuits.