Becket Woods Real Estate Values - Are they Effected?


Excessive District taxation is a turn-off to a potential buyer of your real estate. Buyers want to know what they are getting for their $1,000.00 per year in 2010. Those buyers are told they get the road maintained and there are tennis courts if they can manage to get a key to the lock and chains that the ruling "Tennis Click" put on the court entrance doors. Some potential buyers don't think that is very good value. In Becket most buyers want value, especially those looking to buy raw land (Crazy Cheap). They demand rock bottom land prices in Becket Woods according to local realtors. When that realtor that is begging to give away your 5 acre parcel for lunch money tells a potential buyer about the District road tax then the bargain disappears and that frugal buyer goes away. He probably goes up to Skyline or Indian Lakes and pays twice as much for half the amount of  land. 

Why has Becket Woods customarily commanded the cheapest values for its land in Becket and therefore in Berkshire County? It is arguably the most elite subdivision in Becket - Owners have beautiful large parcels of land (many over 5 acres) with architecturally designed houses. The construction cost of many of newest houses in the District has been well over $600,000.00. Most of the owners have lots that allow their house to be secluded from the street, most driveways are over 100 yards long. Many houses in the District overlook the one or more of the numerous ponds in the District. You drive down Woodmere Road and it is like driving through a forest - as it is supposed to appear. You don't see any houses they are secluded.

Some say that the word has been out about Becket Woods for years, but like everything else in Becket they aren't saying much out load. The Town of Becket has a horrible reputation and is synonymous with Corruption. Maybe that is part of the reason why real estate values are so low in Becket as compared to Lee and Otis and Tyringham which are towns that abut Becket.

But what is worse is when even a big spender comes in and appreciates the beauty and privacy that Becket Woods offers, that spender defers purchase when learning of the Corruption and mismanagement in Becket Woods. Nobody wants their Real Estate controlled illegally. They don't want to invest in a local government entity that tampers with elections and commits fraud and runs the District for the "Click".

Maybe if nothing is said and everybody, like this Web Site, says nothing then less chance potential buyers will find out what is going on in Becket Woods. If they read the truth that is in this Web Site they are not going to get involved with the Becket Woods Nonsense.

The solution isn't squash Free Speech. No, the Yankee won't go away. The solution is you now have to participate in the political system or the problems will perpetuate. The current elected officials in Becket Woods are going to continue to do as they please unless you vote the bums out; they are from a culture that can't understand democracy or justice - their culture knows exploitation of the masses and the double-cross. Even five years down the road - they will come out from under their rocks and try to take over if the majority does not pay attention. Don't be scared there is leadership that will work for you - leadership that will expose all their scandals - all you have to do is vote and pay attention to a few election procedures.

All District Financial records, including checks and bank statements, should be scanned and disclosed to the District owners via the Internet.

Owners of Becket Woods Yankee Democracy is yours if you choose it. If you don't your real estate depreciates.


There are 7 people on the Prudential Committee. They constitute about 1/3 of the Click that is a small minority of about 25 lots/owners that control Becket Woods. Some of you that constitute the Majority have to think about running this summer for the Prudential Committee. If you are Opposed to the current regime and its tactics and taxes this Web Site will back you. As long as the current Prudential Committee is in power there will just be more of the same tricks, deception, election Fraud, and needless taxes, and yes this Web Site will continue to broadcast which is bad for real estate values, unless it can be reported that the Becket Woods mess is gone.