Landowners of Becket Woods Wake Up and Vote


$1,000.00 ANNUAL DUES


SUNDAY 8-31-08 10:00am

Becket Town Hall


Reverse illegal Increase of 7-5-08 @ $800.00



There is nothing new – there is no need for these new increases


Past Becket Woods meetings were held illegally without notification required by law


Comply with Mass. Law – All Road work must go to lowest bidder


All of a sudden there isn’t enough money? Why?


The raise to $700.00 is enough – if properly managed

We need to see an accounting – the checkbook


Is the Prudential Committee to be Trusted?


Our Interests are not Being Represented


New "Blood" must be Elected to the Prudential Committee – Represent Us


Vote - "The future is in your hands"

B.W.L.O.T.R. - 413-243-8304