New Lawsuit Pending Against District Prudential Committee

Un - Constitutional Conduct Continues in District - Peter "Bad Man" Mansbach Chief Tyrant


Peter "Mansbad" Mansbach refuses to relinquish his illegal position as Dictator but instead has instructed his front man/stooge, John Amato, to continue the Unconstitutional Conduct in the District of Becket Woods surrounding District Taxes and Elections.

According to John Amato at the 7-12-09 District Meeting, Becket Woods was "turned over" to Mansbach when the District founder, Hamilton, sold out.

Kind of like the United States - the Anglos do the founding and developing and look who takes over.


Amato, as has been his character and habit in the District, has decided not to flinch regarding being caught rigging District elections, but instead has become even more calculating and engaged in more election violations with even greater cover-up schemes. Not only does John Amato do the dirty work for the District Prudential Committee (otherwise they would not have any association ) but Amato follows the advise of his predecessor, District Prudential Committee Chairman, Joe LaCasia. Old Joe often stated "just  go ahead and do it in Becket". In other words, Joe was of the conviction that you could get away with anything in Becket Woods. Was he right?