Clerk - Nancy "Trixie" Svirida Gets Caught Again

Not Tricky Enough



On Sunday August 24, 2008 Nancy Svirida - Clerk of the Becket Woods Road District told Michael Elbery that John Amato was sick and that he had decided there would be no vote taken at the 8-31-08 election due to an admitted lack of proper notification to the owners of the District regarding the meeting and election.. Nancy told Elbery that there still would be a meeting on Sunday 8-31-08 because there was no way that they could cancel it at that point. Elbery decided to continue his crusade in the District by alerting fellow owners to the need for organization and problems in the District via distribution of information pamphlets.

On Sunday 8-31-08 Nancy Svirida and John Amato had every intention of forcing an election no matter what they had to do. It turned out they went so far as to change the issue of vote (see home page).

Had Nancy been successful in her trick, Elbery would have felt less need to continue organization in time for the 8-31-08 meeting. Would the turn out and attitude have been the same at that 8-31-08 meeting had Nancy been successful in tricking Elbery?

Nancy - what a shame - you were so pleasant - such a likeable person. The honeymoon is over Nancy - nice knowin ya, -  by, by.