Whatever Did Become of Attorney Nancy Jane Svirida (District Prudential Committee Member)


No, not what became of the Three Stooges. They know enough to stay off the District Prudential Committee. 


It seems that elected District Prudential Committee Member, Attorney Nancy Jane Svirida, is erstwhile. No one has seen thick or thin of Nancy Jane since she and John "Big Bozo" Amato got caught, amongst other things, rigging the District "Special Election" of 8-31-08.

Oh, all the other Prudential Committee Members (Appointees) were present and accounted for at the 7-12-09 Annual District Meeting. They were united as one, steadfast and true to their cause (screwing the District owners), as they know there is security in numbers even for cowards (they still need a cop to watch the District meeting). But Nancy is a bit different - First, Nancy is not over 70 years old like the other District Committee Members. Getting caught rigging a free election that caused illegal taxation can hurt Nancy's future. Nancy resigned her duties as District Clerk back in 2008 during the first lawsuit against the Prudential Committee for rigging the 8-31-08 "Special Election". Now Nancy Jane will not even associate herself with the District Prudential Committee. But Why? Isn't this consciousness of guilt? After all only the guilty run away. Amato doesn't have anything to lose - he makes $2 grand a week from a New York State teachers pension for the last 15 years due to a heart attack and now, of course, old age.

Nancy's 3 year term on the Prudential Committee expires next July of 2010.

Nancy is smart enough to get away from Amato before he gets her in more trouble. District rumor has it that Nancy Jane hates John Amato for getting caught rigging the District Election of 8-31-08 and that she has washed her hands to any further involvement with Amato and his nonsense. After all, Amato keeps getting caught. Nancy's biggest problem is that as District Clerk at 8-31-08 she is primarily responsible for the election rigging - the proxies and votes counting is the District Clerk's responsibility. 


It does appear that Attorney Nancy Jane Svirida is another casualty of the Woods. She was ever so reckless - they think everybody else is stupid.


Update 5-31-10

Nancy Jane quit the Prudential Committee.