What Went On with the 8-31-08 Special Assessment


Even the laziest, typically confused, and most lax owner of Becket Woods should now know that they are being taxed at a rate of $1,000.00 per lot per year (you should have received a bill). This was,( for the owners who are a little slow to understand), due to the "Special Election - Assessment of 8-31-08" that allegedly voted in an increase in taxes of $200.00 per year. It still is unknown why all this tax increase is necessary and why the District taxes were doubled in two years from July 2007. Amato claims that he needs to pick your pocket in order to replenish District Reserve Accounts with fresh cash. Of Course, Amato does not comply with Massachusetts laws regarding amounts he is allowed to tax us for reserve accounts. If the $200.00 Special Assessment is for a reserve account, it is in excess of limitations allowed by Mass. law (look up the law yourself).

But here is the latest mystery surrounding this $200.00 "Special Assessment" - it was not certified by Nancy Jane Svirida and John Amato until June 24, 2009 with the Town of Becket Assessor's Office for collection. Ya, what that means is that for almost 10 months that controversial tax that was a product of John Amato rigging the 8-31-08 election was in effect voided by the Prudential Committee. It wasn't until the last minute that they decided to put that $200.00 tax increase in for certification/collection with Becket Assessor's Office. If they had waited just another few days (just 4 business days until the end of June) the tax increase they were willing to do anything and everything for in order to screw the District owners would have been null and void. Why you ask? Because the tax increase was for f/y 2010 and the certification for tax increase must be filed before the fiscal year begins.

But the mystery gets bigger. Enter the jester - John Amato. 

John Amato wrote a letter to the District owners dated June 14, 2009. The main point of the letter was to discredit the new District Opposition leader, Michael Elbery. But Amato also made claim in that same letter that the $200 special assessment had not been collected - "for a variety of reasons". As already asked by this Web Site, the question is why would Amato make such a statement? It was still f/y 2009 and the tax hike could not be collected until f/y 2010 started in July 2009. Some of you are getting confused with numbers, but try to apply the limited brain matter.

Amato, per his letter in his usual "try to be tricky manner", is preparing you for the canceling of the $200 special assessment, and there is nothing else for a reader to infer from such typical writings of  Amato's. This is what Elizabeth Will said, as below, the "Special District Tax Assessment of 8-31-08" had been cancelled. But Amato and the Prudential Committee had a big problem and that was they, unfortunately for all District owners, had no right to cancel the Special Assessment of $200 because it was allegedly voted in by the District owners. That is why they needed the Mass. D.O.R. fabrication of cancellation/letter. They (District Prudential Committee along with Elizabeth Will of the Becket Assessor's Office) were falsely blaming the Mass. D.O.R. for canceling the 8-31-09 tax hike.

They also had another problem late in June 2009, Michael Elbery started to investigate and demanded the Mass. D.O.R. letter that Elizabeth Will claimed had caused cancellation of the District tax of $200. Elbery, per his investigation, found that the D.O.R. cancellation was just another lie of cover-up caused by Amato and company getting caught rigging the 8-31-09 election! That is the Amato style - he gets caught so he makes up more lies to cover-up the first lie. Born Liars like Amato use this style to try and tier out his Opposition - you have to untie Amato's knot of lies. Amato uses this multi-layered lies tactic to easily trick most of the District owners who are easily dumbfounded over everything in the District. This crap has been going on right under your noses for years and you had no clue. Make no mistake there are plenty of District owners that have expressed bitter dissatisfaction about the District Prudential Committee and how the District is run.

Becket Town Assessor - Elizabeth Will

More to the mystery surrounding the $200.00 tax hike as allegedly voted in at the 8-31-08 election.

As a result of receiving the Amato letter dated June 14, 2009, and hearing rumors that the controversial tax increase had been cancelled, Michael Elbery decided an investigation was required and his first stop was the Becket Assessor's Office (they bill the Road taxes for the District).

According to Elizabeth Will of the Becket Assessor's Office just days prior to the June 24, 09 certification, she stated that the Mass. D.O.R. cancelled that tax hike caused by the "Special Assessment of 8-31-08". Cancellation of the that illegal tax hike would have been fair to the owners. But the Mass. D.O.R. according to several of their high ranking officials including legal department told Elbery they did no such thing and knew nothing about the 8-31-08 Special Assessment.

To make matters worse, Elizabeth Will claimed there was a letter sent by the Mass. D.O.R. officially negating the 8-31-08 tax increase/special assessment of $200.00 but she refused to ever produce it or reveal the signatory. Typical Becket Town Hall. At a minimum, those hicks aren't to smart about their corruption - Amato is going to get those stupid people in trouble.

Elbery admonished Becket Assessor - Elizabeth Will with a lawsuit against her and her boss the rotund Sue Donnelly with Cover-up conspiracy for helping Amato and Svirida lie about the Mass. D.O.R. canceling the District tax increase caused by the "Special Election of 8-31-08".


The warrant and notice of the Cancelled 7-4-09 District Meeting

Need more evidence that Amato and Svirida were planning on voiding the 8-31-09 "Special Assessment" of $200.00 because they wanted to cover up the evidence of the rigged election? Well before the certification of June 24 they had planned to have the District meeting on the customary and as required date of July 4, 2009. Giving the District owners the required 14 days prior to the originally planned July 4 District meeting Amato and his Prudential Committee sent the District owners two documents that clearly indicate that they were going to try and do the "Special Assessment" all over again (trying not to get caught again).

See the warrant for the cancelled July 4, 2009 meeting - #3 of that warrant indicates the Prudential Committee wanted to start all over again regarding a Special Assessment. Coincidentally, they were going to vote in, all over again, the $800.00 District Road Tax that was voided by the Mass. D.O.R. because the Prudential Committee had the District Road tax voted in on 7-4-09 for the f/y 2009. The law requires you vote in the increase in the previous f/y not the same Fiscal year. Evidently, the Becket Assessor's Office allowed them to put in the increase to $800 in f/y 2010.

Also see the "Addendum Notice" to the cancelled 7-4-09 District meeting - the first paragraph indicates they were going to have the District owners vote in a new "Special Assessment" because they wanted to void the one they got caught rigging on 8-31-09.

What Happened?   It is easy. As usual they got caught, they got caught blaming the Mass. D.O.R. for cancelling the $200 "Special Assessment" and were getting the Becket Assessors Office in trouble at the same time. So they finally decided to certify the 8-31-09 Special Assessment that they had planned to abort due to Michael Elbery suing them because he caught them rigging the 8-31-09 election.

Could all these documents, as above, for the customarily scheduled July 4, 2009 meeting be just a reflection of the stupidity of the Jester - John Amato and his Clerk - Nancy Jane Svirida (Nancy is an attorney of the Mass. Bar). Why didn't those 2 documents show up for the re-scheduled 7-12-09 District meeting? The answer is easy - they got caught lying about the Mass. D.O.R. cancelling the 8-31-08 "Special Election" tax hike. Now they hope that their $500.00/hour attorneys will defeat Elbery on Count III (rigging the 8-31-08 tax election) of his Federal lawsuit against Amato, Svirida, and District Prudential Committee. We'll see - stay tuned. Elbery has a "secret weapon" to deal with corruption and bias judges in the Courts.


So you don't have to think to hard - Here's what happened.

The Prudential Committee has been sued for amongst other things falsifying the election of 8-31-08 resulting in an illegal tax increase of $200 (causing total tax of $1K per year per lot). Svirida (District Clerk -responsible for the election documents and count) and company are in a lot of very serious trouble, if there is a fair court on the issue. If they could nullify the tax increase they hoped to eliminate Elbery's Count III of his Federal complaint against them because there would be no damages if the tax was not collected. Remember Elbery did not become a land owner in his personal capacity until a month after the election of 8-31-08 when he transferred a lot owned by his corporation to his name. The Prudential Committee- Defendants would argue that Elbery's Federal complaint - count III should be dismissed because he was not an owner during the election and there were no collection of the claimed illegal $200 tax, so he has no damages or violation of his Constitutional Rights or effect on his Constitutional Rights due to the documented rigging of the 8-31-08 election by Svirida and company.

Once Elbery uncovered the plot to falsely claim the Mass. D.O.R. cancelled the tax increase caused by the 8-31-08 "Special Election" and threatened Elizabeth Will and the Becket Assessor's Office with a federal action for cover-up conspiracy she no doubt informed Amato and Svirida who ran with their tails between their legs and filed certification of the tax increase. What a shame - another case where the Good-Guys finishes last. Michael Elbery did such a good job that you are now getting illegally taxed.