His Majesty Mark Millet of the District of Becket Woods


How much does Mark Millet make on the District of Becket Woods? We the people (owners and taxpayers of Becket Woods Road District) are not allowed to know. Oh, the Prudential Committee produces a nebulous budget every year that they send to some of the owners, but what we want to see is the District check book. We want to see the written agreement/contract between Millet and the District. It is fair to say that the majority of the work required to maintain the District goes to the Roads. That means Millet - because Mark Millet does all the road work in the District. 

There is a reason why they call it "District Road Taxes". Because that is where the money is supposed to go (the roads). Not to state of the art tennis courts that only a few tennis players use.

Millet has had a guarantee to all the road work in the District for decades ( before it was the Road District in 2000 - it was the Becket Woods Community Association). Of course this guarantee to Millet is totally illegal and the Prudential Committee knows it is illegal. Here is why Millet's work in the district has been illegal - Massachusetts law requires that all government entities get "low bids" for the work they contract for. In other words, the Prudential Committee is supposed to follow the directions of Mass. G.L. C. 30B and acquire a bunch of bids from qualified contractors who do the requisite work and select the lowest bid. Makes sense - that way the taxpayers money is spent in the most efficient manner. 

Low Bids were trashed in 2006

According to former elected District Prudential members ( they don't want to be named because they fear reprisals) low bids were "informally" acquired from 4 qualified corporations/contractors in 2006 for the District Road work. Millet refused to bid - his price was higher than the 4 bidders but Joe "moved to Florida for good" LaCascia stepped in an threw the 4 low bids in the trash maintaining Millet's supremacy in the District. Screw the the owners/taxpayers of Becket Woods - the interest was and is in making sure Mark Millet was taken care of. What nonsense! The two Prudential Committee members quit - they should have come forward and exposed the illegalities to the owners of the District - fulfilling the Democratic System. 

You must elect people who will stand up to the "click" that controls the District and will not be corrupted by them.

In effect, Millet is setting policy in the District of Becket Woods. He is not even an owner let alone an elected official of the District.


What is the Actual Work Done on District Roads? District Owners seem to have been lied to.

Why such loyalty to this guy Millet? (there have been some bizarre theories to explain the Millet loyalty but even this Web Site won't print it) The work he does is farmer's work. Oh, big deal he can drive a truck and some heavy equipment. Out in Berkshire County they all know how to drive tractors and trucks. The District requires two main jobs (where most of the budget goes) in order to be properly maintained. 

                                One - Snow Plowing

                                Two - Raking the roads every spring to even out the frost heaves.

Everybody understands snow plowing - the Prudential Committee can't "snow job" the owners on that work.

But when it comes to the other main piece of road work (Spring maintenance or road raking) the Prudential Committee really gives the District owners a real "snow job". Many of the owners do not understand what work is done on the roads every Spring. They have never seen this work done because they are second home owners who are not around in April when the road work is done. Most of the owners, who are interested, rely on the Prudential Committee and Millet to tell them what constitutes this "spring road work." and like everything else they are being "snow jobbed" (yes, lied to). 

They don't "reconstruct" or "rebuild" the roads every spring with "airport mix". No - what they do is simple farmer's work. Every spring they pull a "farmer's rake" behind a tractor over all the roads in Becket Woods - this smoothes out the pot holes and frost heaves and mud spots caused by the winter elements; this is needed because the roads are "gravel roads" and the water penetrates the gravel and then hardens to frost/ ice (causing expansion or heaves) and then melts causing mud and pot holes. A farmer's rake is the same multi - pronged steel tool a farmer uses to even out his fields. No high tech.

Airport Mix is not used to "rebuild" the roads. It is the top layer of "gravel mix" used on the roads. Rebuilding refers to the 3 feet of foundation required for those roads.

After the raking, they lay down a thin layer of stuff they call "Airport Mix" or "Hard Pak" - this is done with a grader and the tractor rake again. This Airport mix or Hard Pak is just a type of gravel; it does not contain cement. Airport Mix is comprised of crusher dust (crusher dust is dust caused when they cut and break rock) and 3/4"-11/2" stone, if you don't believe this then call Pittsfield Sand and Gravel or John S. Lane. The cost is $17.50 per ton. The new layer of gravel or Airport Mix (if they even use Airport Mix) is then packed down by future traffic (your tires) - no roller is used. There are owners who have witnessed this process many times. The roads in Becket Woods are of the same quality as Fred Snow Rd. which is a town road. Compare where Woodmere and Fred Snow Rd. connect. To rebuild or reconstruct even 100 yards of the roads of the District would cost way more than $100,000.00. In Berkshire County a 300' driveway costs $20.000.00 but would not have a base of 3 feet like is necessary for a road. The price of construction in Berkshire County, especially heavy equipment work, is the highest on the East Coat - way higher than hi-priced Metro West - Boston., so if they were doing Road RECONSTRUCTION the cost would be huge and Millet could not handle it, anyways. 

Oh yes - in 2005 a hurricane caused and extraordinary event and washed out the road in a few places. The federal government gave FEMA relief to the District to the tune of $10,000.00 to fix those patches that were washed out. By -the - way the wash outs weren't that extraordinary - a four wheel vehicle could still travel the roads. They illegally closed the East end of Beechtree Rd. instead of using the money to fix it. The District is required by law to keep the roads in good order and open to the public - that's what the "private road concept means" - District owners are responsible to maintain, at their cost, the road - hence your road tax.

If you would like to be informed about the roads in Becket Woods see the this web site on gravel roads. It shows you that the roads in Becket Woods are not just "graded earth" - they have the same foundation as Route 20 or about 3' (three feet) deep. The big difference is that the top layer is not asphalt but a "gravel mix". You don't want Blacktop in Beck Woods - it would change the entire character of the area and it would look lousy. Not only that it would cost $$$millions.

There are several owners in the District who have done or who do this type of road work - they agree that the owners are being deceived about the work on the roads every year and that the cost should be much cheaper. How vulgar - "cheap" in the District. All the individuals in the District who know about this type of road work, claim the cost of Road Work in the District by Millet and the Prudential Committee is "B.S."

Mark Millet Employee of the District???

It is rumored, because the Prudential Committee kept it secret at the "sneak" 9-21-08 District Meeting if it is in fact true, that Mark Millet has been made an employee of the District, in order to avoid the requirements of Mass. G.L. C. 30B as was a major controversy of the 8-31-08 meeting. Would our esteemed Prudential Committee engage in more Tactics in order to dodge the law of Massachusetts and to act contrary to the interests of the District?


More on Marky Mark Millet - Land Deals behind our Backs

According to irrefutable third party Authorties' Documentation, our boy - Mark Millet was involved in some quick profits via quick land deals in the District of Becket Woods. In June of 2005 Millet bought a choice parcel of District land on East StageCoach Rd. for $15,000.00 and immediately sold it for $65,000.00. A nice short term capital gain for Mark at the expense of the District owners. Even Amato was pissed off about this land deal when he found out Joe LaCascia made this all possible for the quick profit of Mark Millet. Needless to say - LaCascia did this behind everyone's back like he did everything else. Yes, that piece of land was owned by us - Becket Woods.

But that ain't all. According to Berkshire Registry of Deeds, Millet and former Prudential Committee member Levey documented that the selling price of that 5 acre parcel was $25,000.00. Not such a huge short term capital gain. However, independent M.L.S. documentation  records that the Realtor who had the exclusive listing recorded the sale at the asking price of  $65,000.00. And look at the Attorney's name on the selling Deed - it is District of Becket Woods - Attorney Harris N. Aronson. How on Earth could our Attorney (Aronson is paid by us to represent the District Interests, but he represents the interests of the Prudential Committee) not have known about this fraud? The realtor knew the deal was done for $65,000.00 - do you think the Attorney did not. Does any one believe that if Millet was asking $65,000.00 for that lot that he would have sold it a month later for $25,000.00 when the real estate market was booming? The M.L.S. document is loud and clear - that lot was sold for the asking price of $65,000.00.

Isn't that falsification of Real Estate Deeds? Fraud? What could be the motivation for such activity? Could it be income tax evasion?

Mass. law requires that a lot sold by the District be to the highest bidder. See Mass. G.L. C. 30 B s.16. But that is obvious. More of the same crap with this guy Mark Millet.

This is serious stuff that requires serious independent third party irrefutable documented evidence, as above,  that even the best liars can't get around!!!

Hey, Mark - the Prudential Committee probably won't help you wiggle and squirm out of this one because they were not on the Prudential Committee just two years ago in 2006. That's right - of the 7 District Prudential Committee members in 2006 only Flaum is still on the Committee today. What does that tell you? And it wasn't because these 6 former Prudential Members got voted out - they quit. And they ain't talkin. Maybe some of those past Prudential Committee Members tripped on some of the stuff in this Web Site and decided to get out before they were put in jail. What is just as bad is that the 6 new members of the Prudential Committee ran UNOPPOSED; this is the same as appointment to the Prudential Committee of these new 6 members. And you know who nominated/appointed them - "The Click".


A special thanks goes out to Realtor - Dennis Furlano of Perras Century 21 of Lee  for providing this M.L.S. document. Without Dennis Furlano this investigation could not have been indisputably proved.


Doris Egee Lot and the Millet Connection - More sneak Deals in the District to Aid Millet - Lot #157 Secedes from District

Mark was given even more secret benefits in the District. Behind our backs because District lot #157 was allowed to secede from the District. Millet has his own private lot and garage on Route 20 - some think that this lot (formerly Becket Woods Lot #157) belongs to the District and is rent free to Millet. Almost right. That lot is owned by Doris Egee. Doris Egee has established herself, who knows why, as being a person to be answered to in the District. Doris is also Mark Millet's Aunt according to various ununited owners in the District. 

Lot#157 was allowed to secede from the District of Becket Woods. This happened some time after 2004 according to Town of Becket Assessors Office records.

According to current Town of Becket Assessors Office, that lot #157 is no longer part of Becket Woods Road District. This so Doris Egee does not have to pay District Road Taxes on that lot. That causes less total money in the District Treasury and more money assessed to your lot. But it also causes less expense for Mark Millet - he gets use of a cheap headquarters and storage location to store his business and equipment. If Doris was not relieved of the burden of District Road Taxes on that lot #157 then she may not be so inclined to let Mark use the lot at the current rate.

When that lot #157 was allowed to secede from the District so Doris and Mark could avoid the penalties of District Road taxes is not yet known - because no one wants us to know. Who authorized the Becket Town Assessor to take lot #157 off the District Tax scrolls? Was there a 2/3 vote of the Prudential Committee as required by the Founding Act to allow a lot owner to secede from the District? Or was this just more corruption by the bums that run the District and the Assessors Office in Becket. You don't believe it - you demand irrefutable proof - we'll take a look at a Becket Assessors map and compare it to the list of owners in Becket Woods as compiled by the Becket Assessors Office and see for yourself. Be quick because they might change the map in the near future to cover up this issue.

It is amazing how many District owners  think lot #157 is part of Becket Woods  and owned by Becket Woods. Many owners complain that Millet is given use of that lot #157 rent free by the District. The "Click" and its Prudential Committee leaders seem to be able to trick everyone in the District even former Prudential Committee members.

According to Prudential Clerk - Nancy Svirida, Millet pays rent to the District for that lot and garage. No wonder the District owners are confused - they listen to members of the Prudential Committee. More untruths by Nancy Jane. Stop it Nancy you aren't smart enough.

Extra Side Jobs in the District

But that yard is even more convenient for Millet because he does so many side jobs in the District. Each side job, of course, commands his usual fee.