The Federal Lawsuit Against Becket Woods - For Those Who want to Be Informed


Do you, as a District land owner, want to know what is going on with Federal Lawsuit filed by Michael Elbery against the District Prudential Committee et al., ? We all know it does not do you any good to demand the answers from the "Chairman" - John Amato and the Prudential Committee of Becket Woods that you are legally entitled to. So this Web Site takes the liberty and fulfills a social need in the District of Becket Woods by publishing at the speed of electricity the documented truth about the progress and status of the lawsuit at issue so that the land owners in Becket Woods be informed.

Just click on and go to the bottom of the active hyperlinks on the Home page of that Web Site and click on the article/hyperlink entitled Michael Elbery v. Becket Woods Prudential Committee. It gives you exact irrefutable documentation as to the status of that, now, World Wide publicized via the Internet, lawsuit. Becket Woods will be a famous place because that Web Site massinjustice is very popular (they love a scandal). Sometimes the truth about lousy people and their underhanded activities do not make for very good advertising.