The Becket Woods Taxpayers Association Objective


We don't want to light the whole world in fire - we just want to straighten out the mess that is now Becket Woods. What does this all mean?


It means we will not rest until the Prudential Committee complies with the controlling government law including the Becket Woods By-Laws and Founding Act, as well as, the Mass. Procurement Act.


We seek to REVERSE the new and excessive and needless District Road Taxes to a level they should be to operate the District efficiently. Review of the financial records will be necessary to determine how much tax is necessary, as well, low bids must be acquired. The Taxpayers Association is of the opinion that $500.00 a lot is probably more than enough to run the District by the Majority.


We will not rest until we have access to the financial records of the District which means we demand to see the check book for all years of District existence and supporting documents including bank statements and paid invoices.

We will not rest until we have access to and are shown all proxies for all elections at the District, including the 8-31-08 election that resulted in the Prudential Committee getting caught cheating the voters/ owners of the District.

We will not rest until we find out where the additional budget of $33,000.00 in f/y/e 2008 and $50,000.00 in f/y/e 2009 and $80,000 for f/y/e 2010 is going and who it is going to.

We will not rest until this ridiculous notion that the owners of the District need all these tax increases so reserve accounts can have excessive balances, that are not required by law, comes to an end.

We will not rest until we are allowed, as the By-laws mandate, to see the voting cards and proxies of District Elections counted in front of us and provide a recount in front of us if demanded by the voters.

We will not rest until the Prudential Committee stops acting for the selfish and sneaky interests of a few, including the "Tennis click", and works for the interests of the majority. We forbid the Prudential Committee from putting in another "clay tennis court" at the cost of $70, 000.00. No More Clay Courts that need constant maintenance that the Tennis Click wants us to pay for.

We will not rest until the Members of the current Prudential Committee who participated in rigging the election of 8-31-08 resign and stay out of the affairs of Becket Woods. According to Mass. law, C. 50-56, you should go to prison for 5 years for rigging that election.

We will not rest until the Prudential Committee Members are no longer a smug bunch that think they are smarter than everyone else in the District.

We will not rest until the bums are voted out and new Prudential Committee Members are voted in. It is not a big job to have to meet for an hour twice a year and it only requires 4 of the 7 Prudential Committee Members to have a Quorum. The biggest chore the Prudential Committee now has is how to dupe the majority voters who want responsible District Government.