Attorney General of Massachusetts Refuses to Enforce Verbal Order

Attorney General Turns Back on its own Law and Decision



Back in November of 2008, the Mass. Attorney General's Office found that Becket Woods Road & Maintenance District was in violation of Massachusetts low bid laws C. 30B. And John Amato, Chairman of the Becket Woods Prudential Committee, who was present at that hearing, was ordered to comply with the low bid laws starting immediately. Amato's attorney didn't like the decision by the Mass. AG and let out a big grunt.

         See  "Victory @ Attorney General's Hearing" for background story.

But it appears, due to the irrefutable evidence, that the whole exercise was a waste of time because Amato still has Mark Millet doing all the District road work at Millet's demand price. There was no attempt, as confirmed by AG - staff attorney - Brian O'Donnell, by Amato to comply with O'Donnell's decision at the November 2008 hearing. There has been no advertising by Amato and his appointed Prudential Committee to advertise for a contractor to do the road work in the District in order to obtain low bids on that work.


Note this is probably the reason why Attorney Brian O'Donnell would not issue a written memo commemorating his decision that Amato and Becket Woods District was in violation of the Mass. Low Bid laws since its inception in 2001. Whoever heard of an government authority that holds a formal hearing, as required by law, and then makes a finding and decision but will not issue it in writing to the litigating parties?

That's right, Attorney O'Donnell of the Mass. AG's Office refused to issue a written decision of his finding that Amato and the B.W. Prudential Committee were in violation of law and that he was ordering them to comply and get low bids for the contract work in the District.


Upon contact with Attorney O'Donnell, via numerous phone calls between March and April, O'Donnell admitted that he knew Amato had made no compliance with his order enforcing low bid law compliance in Becket Woods District. He asked to be given time to contact Amato's lawyer, Aaronson, but never returned any information. Evidently, O'Donnell doesn't want to upset big shot attorney - Aaroson or the privileged group that illegally run/control  Becket Woods.

O'Donnell did promise, several times, starting in early March of 2009, to commit to writing the results and decision of the November 2008 hearing that was held in Springfield, Mass. but he failed to do so. This promise of a written decision was made by O'Donnell only after he acknowledged that Amato ignored his order of the Mass. AG's Office.

Is there any point trying to get the Mass. Low Bid laws enforced in Becket Woods? Certainly, John Amato does not have any influence that would cause the Mass. AG to flaunt their own decision to comply with law. Was it the Bilderbergers that inhabit Becket Woods? Or is it just a case of what you can expect when dealing in the State of Massachusetts? Corruption by the ruling tyrants.

It just goes to show you that you don't have to be much in order to rate the level that influences the corruption of the Mass. AG's Office.