John Amato Seeks to Make Each District Owner Pay $1,000's in Federal Lawsuit Damages 

More Tricks for the District Owners from John Amato

District Bankruptcy Pending - Owners will be Liable for Damages

VOTE NO - ARTICLE 2 on July 12 District Election


Stop!! Owners of Becket Woods, you are getting Double - Crossed. If you elect to indemnify the Prudential Committee for their illegalities resulting from lawsuits against them, YOU ARE MAKING A SERIOUS MISTAKE.




WHAT IS WORSE IS THAT YOU WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ASSESSED AGAINST AMATO CAUSED BY LAWSUITS that the District Treasury can't pay. Since the Prudential Committee and in particular, Chairman/Treasurer John Amato, have been claiming for years a need for higher District taxes, it is to be presumed the District Treasury does not have any money to pay the damages that will result from the pending Federal lawsuit against John Amato and his "Gang of Six". That means you as District owners become liable and if you don't pay and the Government and Amato's lawyers will attach your real estate to make sure John Amato's liabilities for his wrongful and illegal conduct are paid by YOU.

And of course, the District Prudential Committee doesn't want you to know any of this!!! The usual disrespect towards the District owners by the Prudential Committee.


The Vote Issue - Vote NO on Article 2 or YOU will pay Amato's damages for his illegal conduct

The Owners of Becket Woods are known for being a little on the thick side when it comes to vote, legal issues, and taxes. So this Web Site will explain everything to you in detail. Hopefully, you won't have to exert yourself to much or think too hard.

John Amato sent a new Election Warrant to the District Owners for this coming required District Meeting of July 2009. At the same time, Amato also changed the District Meeting to 7-12-09. The meeting date was changed in order to add Article 2 to the vote of the District Election.

The Prudential Committee wants you to do something very stupid. They want you to vote YES on Article 2 at the July 12, 2009 District Election.  They want you to vote yes on Article 2 which will cause YOU to be personally liable for the damages caused by the wrongful conduct/illegalities of the Prudential Committee in any lawsuits that result in liability to them. The District does not have any extra money to pay the damages that will result from the current and future lawsuits against Amato and his "Gang of Prudential", so that means you will pay should you vote yes on Article 2.

Once that Article 2 is voted in - Amato and his gang will make sure it never gets voted out. Amato knows how to rig elections, and he knows how to get caught rigging elections. Amato still completely controls the Election Proxies which is illegal.

Lawyers' Fees Too!

Read Article 2 - If you vote YES, you will also be bound by Mass. law to pay to defend for the continued illegal activities of John Amato and his Gang. They won't stop doing as they please (violating the law), they think they are entitled to special treatment and that they are above the law. Amato was found guilty of violating the Mass. Low Bid laws and ordered to stop his illegalities. Amato still has not complied with the Mass. Low Bid laws as order by the Mass. Attorney General in November 2008. Amato now intends to trick the District Dummies/Owners of Becket Woods - Amato is trying to sneak in Article 2 and have the District Owners vote to pay for all legal fees and damages caused because of lawsuits against him. If Amato would do as the law requires there would be no lawsuits against him. These people are sick - they get caught and they still won't stop.


The Prudential Committee claims it will not cost you less than $10,000.00 per Lawsuit

Read Article 2 carefully, you attorneys too. If you vote yes on Article 2 you will be liable only up to $1,000,000.00 in damages, but Amato and his gang say that is not so bad in order to indemnify these royal jackasses because there are over 100 owners in Becket Woods. You would only be personally liable for less than $10,000.00 each for damages from each lawsuit the District Prudential Committee is found liable. Isn't it worth it to insure that John Amato can remain happy violating the law. No one is going to tell John Amato what to do and YOU are going to pay for his illegalities.


Amato has Already Stolen $20K from the District Treasury for Legal Fees for his Personal Defense

That's right, John Amato has already helped himself (EMBEZZLED  Or STOLEN) to $20K for Legal Fees from the District Treasury in order to defend himself and his "Gang of Six" against the current Federal lawsuit against them.

What they won't tell you owners of Becket Woods, because they know you're stupid, is that they are being sued in their Personal Capacity for violations of Constitutional Rights and R.I.C.O. Violations. Because Amato and company are being sued in their personal capacity for federal violations under the Constitution and R.I.C.O. they, as state actors, are forbidden via Mass. C. 258 to have their legal fees paid by the District Treasury. But according to Amato's letter they have already taken the $20K  (see circled #4). And that $20K is just the beginning of what the current federal lawsuit will cost for legal fees. The attorneys get $500.00 per hour, so $20K does not last last long (40hours x $500/hr. = $20,000.00).

This is a prime example of John Amato and his "Gang of Six" Prudential just doing whatever they want. Amato isn't paying his own legal fees, that is for sure. YOU ARE PAYING the legal fees of the District Prudential Committee even though the law says you should not. Did you vote to allow them to help themselves to $20K out of the District Treasury for legal fees?

What John Amato just did, EMBEZZLEMENT OF $20K for his legal fees is a crime. If it was you - you would be in Jail for doing this.

NOTE: The District of Becket Woods has not been served and will not be sued in this current Federal lawsuit. Becket Woods will not be a defendant. Even if Becket Woods Road District is sued, Amato is legally required to pay his own legal fees because the lawsuit against Amato is for violations of the Constitutional Rights in the District of Becket Woods. John got caught rigging the election of 8-31-08.