Mao Tse - Amato claims an insurance policy will cover damages caused by lawsuit



John Amato, in usual unregulated lying, at the Becket Woods Annual District meeting on 7-12-09 told the Becket Woods District owners that they would not be liable for damages caused by a lawsuit against the Prudential Committee members because there was an insurance policy bought by the Committee to cover such liabilities/damages. Amato would later during the meeting comment that they did not have an insurance policy prior to the the lawsuit filed by owner, Michael Elbery, because "we never saw such a thing coming"!


What kind of insurance policy covers lawsuits retroactively? This Web Site never heard of an insurance company that would cover damages resulting from incidents occurring prior to the initiation of the insurance policy. Of course, John Amato and his fellow members of the District of Becket Woods ruling Prudential Committee refused to answer that question or address the issue at the 7-12-09 District meeting which was held in the Becket Town Hall.

No insurance policy was produced by Amato and his fellow District Prudential Committee, as per usual, and the District owners were not allowed to see any District documentation or this mythical insurance policy. All such District documents are public records as a matter of Massachusetts and District law.


Amato urged the District owners to vote in Mass. G.L. C. 258 s.13 which will cover the Prudential Committee for damages resulting  from Elbery's lawsuit or any other illegal conduct the Prudential Committee Members engage in while exercising their duties via District Government. There were several owners at the meeting that expressed confusion as to why the vote for payment of Prudential Committee members damages, via Mass. G.L. C. 258 s. 13, was necessary if there was an insurance policy to cover such damages. Even some of these historically stupid people knew something didn't make sense. Amato, spokesman and chairman of the District Prudential Committee, gave these feeble District owners a quick "double talk non - answer" or more lies and urged the owners that the vote was necessary.

When Michael Elbery tried to explain to the District owners that they were being lied to, again, by John Amato, and that if they voted in Mass. G.L. C. 258 s. 13 then they would become liable (instead of the Prudential Committee members) for any damages found via Elbery's lawsuit and all other lawsuits against the Prudential Committee, he was shouted down by a bunch of lackey/stooges ( a standard trick those people use). Elbery also tried to explain to the other District owners at the 7-12-10 District Meeting that Amato and Peter "Mansbad" Mansbach  stole the money for the legal retainer fees because C. 258 s. 13 had not been voted in. Elbery vowed that the crooks would produce all District documents during discovery of his lawsuit or the World would know and that the World is watching his Crusade.

Notwithstanding the above, the District owners of Becket Woods voted in Mass. G.L. C. 258 s. 13 which causes the District owners to now be liable for all damages accessed the Prudential Committee members via Elbery's Federal lawsuit.

But Amato and his gang of Prudential took the money to pay a legal fee retainers prior to any vote on Mass. G.L. C. 258 s. 13 - that's enough to land most public official in a prison. Not these crooks they just get bolder.

Hey not only that, but the District owners are paying legal fees for defendants Mark "no bid" Millet and Jack "sprat" Siegel, neither are entitled to have their legal fees paid by the District owners.


It is striking that the residents/owners - voters of Becket Woods are repeatedly tricked by this goony bird - John Amato. Is it laziness, fear or stupidity or a combination of ingredients that causes these people to be so easily duped, deceived and wee-weed on by this Amato. Becket Woods is inhabited by the alleged elite and some of the owners consider themselves highly educated intelligencia. What gives? These people appear to be absolutely stupid regarding many business and legal principles of everyday life that an adult in this society is presumed to know (just review this Web Site). These are the same principles that are at issue, whereby, Amato consistently and blatantly dupes them violating their rights and causes their real estate to dwindle in value.