The 9-21-08 "Sneak" Open Meeting of the Becket Woods Road District



According to information that turned out to be true, John Amato on about Wednesday 9-17-08 reserved the meeting room in the basement of the Becket Town Hall in order to have a "sneak" meeting of the District. This after they just had the "Special Meeting" of 8-31-08. What was Amato up to now? Did his attorney, Aronson, tell him to make the big move to 'out fox" his Opposition in the District? Did you say his attorney? Aronson is paid by the District and supposed to be working for the interests of the District according to the District By- laws. But no one would argue that Amato doesn't need legal counsel along with his band of lawless Prudential Committee of 7.


Disrespectful Prudential Committee does not like the American Way - Interferes with Open Meeting Laws

At the meeting of 9-21-08, the most reportable event was that the Prudential Committee would not allow any owners of the District into the public meeting. Yes, for the first hour they had the Becket Cop stop any Becket Woods owner from entering the building. In typical insulting fashion the Dictators of Becket Woods  had an Open Meeting that was closed to the Taxpayers via the police. After an hour of the Quorum of 4 Prudential Committee Members, as below in picture, met illegally they reluctantly allowed B.W. taxpayers to enter the alleged Open Meeting .


The biggest news item, at that tail end of the meeting that the owners were allowed to witness, was that Amato claimed he had been asked to step down from his position as District Dictator. Amato was indignant that someone allegedly referred to him as "Mao Tse Amato".

The Quorum wanted Michael Elbery arrested for taking their picture. They demanded that the Becket Police confiscate Elbery's camera because, according to Rich  Sturdervant, the pictures were "unauthorized". Rich Sturdervant slammed into Elbery only to hurt himself. The Becket Police officer had to alert the Prudential Committee that it was an Open Meeting and that anyone can take pictures or even record the entire proceedings according to M.G.L. C. 39. and other Mass. Open Meeting Laws. Amato wanted Elbery removed from the meeting room because Elbery chose one of approximately 50 seats in the room to sit which gave him ability to be closest to the audio of the Prudential Committee and at the same time it was the first seat coming in the door of the meeting room. Amato was determined that Elbery had to sit in the seat he assigned Elbery - and even had the cop enforce his wishes - Unbelievable this could happen in the United States. No wonder he is known a Mao Tse Amato.


See the Prudential Committee , from left - Austin, Mao Tse Amato (facing you with black hood), M. Flaum, Sturtevant