The Ruling "Tennis Click" plans on Using your Increase in District Taxes for their Recreation  - Another Tennis Court for $70,000.00


Hey, I thought the rules were that we the taxpayers of the District had to approve the expenditures first via a Budget. Tuff Luck - the Prudential Committee is not going to consult with you before it goes ahead with its secret plans to build another clay tennis court where the current asphalt court is.


The ruling "Tennis Click" has to have the best at your expense. The "Tennis Click" in the District of Becket Woods demands another "State of the Art Clay tennis court" at you expense. They don't want you to know about it until its all paid for and there is nothing you can do about it. The "Tennis Click" led by Marylin Flaum and Steven Austin (both of the Prudential Committee) don't want to resurface the old asphalt court at a meager $15,000.00. Oh, NO - asphalt is much too fast a game for those old fogies, and clay is easier on their feet. $70k so they can be comfortably slow.

This tennis cost is way out of balance in the District. Few play tennis in Becket Woods. The "Tennis Click" just had one brand new "state of the art clay court" installed in 2006 complete with an $8,000.00 sprinkler. That tennis court was never approved by the District voters/owners but was put in behind our backs. They only play tennis two months out of the year and after Noon there is no one using the tennis courts. According to the previous Opposition in the District there are not even a dozen owners who ever use the tennis courts. Sure the old court should be resurfaced because it looks bad and has looked that way for years, but no more clay courts that need constant maintenance. The asphalt courts don't need that maintenance. 


"Tennis Click" wants District Owners to pick up tab for "tennis attendants"

If that isn't bad enough there has been suggestion/complaints by the "Tennis Click" that the District should provide attendants at the new clay courts to wait on them. They are unhappy that they should have to "roll and sweep" and "water" the clay courts. Yes, the clay courts have to be "rolled and swept" and "sprinkled" after they are used, or constant maintenance The "Tennis Click" wants your District Taxes to work for their benefit only, and they don't want you to know about it because John Amato conceals the financial records.

There is also a maintenance contract for the Clay Court that is being paid for, unknowingly, by the District owners for the benefit of the "Tennis Click". And that Contract was never approved by the owners via a Budget Vote, but done behind our backs like everything else concerning tennis in Becket Wood.


If Amato and his friends the "Tennis Click" go ahead with this $70,000.00 for another tennis court the taxpayers association will file a class action lawsuit against the Prudential Committee and they can pay for it out of their own pocket.


When we get new members on the Prudential Committee we should easily be able to afford, due to all the new and excess District taxes that should be sitting in a bank account, to re-surface the asphalt court that has been abandoned for years. Then the tennis players with sore feet can use the clay courts and any one else can use the asphalt courts. Yes, they have to share.