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Reporting to "The Becket Woods Taxpayers and Voters"

Broadcast World Wide - Internet Free America

1st Edition

                                                                                                                                                                                                District Weather - Stormy


Extra - 8-31-08 Election Rigged - Becket Woods Owners Cheated    - 

Past Elections and Taxes Suspect

Update - Amato gets trapped in "Big Lie"- Claims vote issue not changed

Are you are a landowner in Becket Woods? Did you vote in the last election of 8-31-08 via Proxy? Bet you thought you cast a vote Opposed to the latest vote on new taxes at the District of Becket Woods. We'll you got cheated. The vote was rigged.

Many of you may have thought your vote, via proxy, was cast in Opposition to the latest tax hike in Becket Woods, but you are wrong. Your proxy vote was stolen/used by the Prudential Committee as they desired, or in Favor of the newest tax hike resulting from the "Specially called Election" on 8-31-08 by the District Prudential Committee.

It has been discovered through conversations with various owners of the Becket Woods District that 8 (EIGHT) landowners in Becket Woods voted Opposed via Proxy to the latest tax hike in Becket Woods. However, John Amato and Nancy Jane Svirida, Treasurer and Clerk, respectively, of the Becket Woods Prudential Committee had custody of and counted the Proxies at that 8-31-08 vote and claimed only 2 (TWO) proxies were opposed to the latest tax hike. Eight out of eight voters interviewed, who used a Proxy vote, said they were Opposed via their Proxy Vote. And we only got credit for TWO. What if we interviewed all the owners of the District - what do you think the real Opposition Proxy vote was considering the above statistic (8 out of 8). We can never allow Nancy Jane Svirida or John Amato or any of the current members of the Prudential Committee to have control and custody of the Proxies - they are proven to be untrustworthy. They must be judged by their actions; they have been up to NO GOOD.

Yes, that's right voters/owners of  Becket Woods Road District we got ripped off. Eight does not equal TWO!!! How many Proxies really voted against the tax increase? An investigation is needed - Please don't be scared - stand up for your rights. Let us know if you voted Opposed by Proxy at the 8-31-08 vote. Let us know at majority@beckwoodswatch.net.  See update on Proxy fraud - scroll down to Nancy Jane Conspiracy



A Quorum of the Prudential Committee at the "Sneak" District Open Meeting of 9-21-08

from left, Steven Austin, John Amato (facing you), Marylin Flaum, Ed Sturdenvant


Misfeasance by B.W. Prudential Committee - or just more Malfeasance- Nobody was notified of Election Issue

If that isn't enough, the entire election was further illegal and here's why. The Becket Woods By-Laws (most District owners don't know what it is let alone have read it) and Founding Act of 2000 (even less known or read) mandate that the Becket Woods Prudential Committee notify all B.W. owners 14 days in Advance via Warrant of all issues, including election issues, to be acted on at a District Meeting. This simply means that they have to send you, all the owners, a piece of 81/2 x 11 paper or papers (a warrant) that specifically describes what is to be acted on, and voted on, at each and every meeting of the District of Becket Woods, and this warrant is supposed to be in your mailbox 14 days in advance of the meeting or election.

Of the many that attended the 8-31-08 meeting of the B.W. District at the Becket Town Hall, you witnessed that the issue that was supposed to be voted on according to the vaguely described warrant that was sent out to "SOME" owners of the District was not at all the actual issue that was voted on! How on earth could the Proxies be used towards such an election? The Proxy voters (they mail in the proxies to the Prudential Committee Clerk- Svirida) had no idea that an 1 1/2 hours into the meeting of 8-31-08 an owner (actually he was unidentified) decided that he could "motion" for an entirely new issue to be voted on. (continued page 2)

Financial Records Concealed From District Owners -

 Since last Century

La Cascia - Amato maintain Dictatorship - Rule with Iron Hand - Who Dares Defy these Tyrants?

Chairman Mao would gloat to see the people in the District so easily subdued by the Iron Rule of the succession of District Dictators - Joe "Gone to Florida" LaCascia and John "Skippy" Amato. Both Amato and LaCascia have been the only Treasurers in the Becket Woods Road District. Like LaCascia, since the previous Century, John Amato now controls the District Check Book. According to two former Elected Prudential Committee Members, (both wish to remain anonymous as they fear the reprisal that the District is known for should you disagree with the ruling "click"), no one, not even the past presidents of the Prudential Committee have been able to invade the jurisdiction of LaCascia's and now Amato's jurisdiction via the check book and Financial Records. Can you imagine that? - Not even the President of the Prudential Committee was allowed to know where the District Tax money was being spent. What kind of nonsense is being allowed to go on in Becket Woods? It's going to stop and real soon!

By- the- by, Amato and LaCascia are both from the same childhood neighborhood and went to the same high school back in the middle of the last century. These two guys are life long self-proclaimed "best friends". They passed on all the District "secrets" - to be kept only between them.  As well is Rich Sturtevant of the Prudential Committee one of their life long friends.

At the latest "Special District Meeting" of 8-31-08 demand was made by owner - Michael Elbery in Open Meeting of the District for review and audit of the Financial Records of the B.W. District. Unbelievably, the answer was NO! Amato is so bold in his dictatorial powers that John Amato is not ashamed that he violated the By-laws of the District; no he publicly exclaimed, "No - go see "our" lawyer." Amato - the By-Laws and Founding Act of Becket Woods plainly mandate that the owners (any and all of them) have a right to review all the Financial Records of the District. 

No one is allowed to see the financial records of the District, but why? What are they hiding? What nerve Amato and Prudential has, or is the blame to also go to the Majority of the owners of the District, who have complained for years but do nothing about the District Dictators. The Majority of the owners in Becket Woods are Opposed to the Prudential Committee and their taxes and tactics over the years- just go around and talk to them. Many owners are discouraged and have given up because they feel isolated. All the Majority owners say the same thing - we stopped going to the meetings because we were treated rudely if we disagreed and Opposed the "click'. Well, that is in the past folks - we will organize and share the information so that we can be informed of the District that we own and should be running. There isn't much to running Becket Woods, especially if you cut out all the time and resources that have been used by the Prudential Committee doing everything in violation of the District laws and Mass. laws.

To make matters worse, those same District Financial Records are "public records" according to M.G.L. C. 66 and the District By-Laws and Act. This means that anyone, not just District owners, can review the financial and voting records upon demand to either Nancy Sviridi or John Amato.

Folks, you will never see the Proxies of prior elections of the Becket Woods Road District, at least not the real ones. But keep in mind, that it is possible to re-construct the voting records of the District. It is inconceivable that an unbalanced majority (64 to 24) voted in favor of the latest tax hike, especially in an environment where the District taxes have been doubled in just two years. And especially when Amato and Svirida got caught rigging the election via at least the proxies, see above. Getting honest elections is up to us the District owners - you can't get discouraged as hads been the case with so many of you over the years because you have been unorganized and lacked common information and communication and a Leader.

What you don't understand is that the MAJORITY of the owners in Becket Woods are and have been OPPOSED to all these new taxes. The majority all ask the same question - why are all these new taxes necessary nothing has changed?, we are receiving no new benefits. The District was run in 2006 on $80,000.00; it will be run at $162,000.00 in f/y 2010. Not only that but there is $10,000.00 allegedly in the District Bank Account which is plenty for the RESERVE as calculated by Mass. law; that same reserve that Amato wants to be $50,000.00. Amato admitted in open meeting of 8-31-08 he knew nothing about the Mass. Laws that regulate Reserve Accounts. And Amato you can't spend the reserve like you indicated at the meeting of 8-31-08, see Mass. Law.


Prudential Committee Dictators Violate Massachusetts General Laws - 

No Low Bids in 40 years

Peter "Mansbad" Mansbach declares, "Low Bids would be Bad for the Community"

Sorry Pete, but that is a violation of Massachusetts law. Is Becket Woods the "Bad Lands"? Where law is Bad?

It is a big secret in the District of Becket Woods that there are laws that regulate government in Massachusetts. Yes, Becket Woods Road and Maintenance District is a government entity complete with elections, taxes, and elected officials called the Prudential Committee (Oligarchy). The Becket Woods Road District is a Government Entity created by the Mass. Legislature via C. 351 of 2000 Acts. A big secret until just a little bit of organization and free speech occurred in the District starting circa August 2008. At the "Special Meeting" of 8-31-08, the Prudential Committee, for the first time in its existence, was confronted by a more informed and outraged constituency. At that meeting the Prudential Committee was told that they were violating Mass. law because they refuse to abide by the "Massachusetts Procurement Act" or M.G.L. C. 30B which mandates that government entities obtain low bids for contract work in Massachusetts. Almost all our Road District Taxes should be going to contract work on the road maintenance (raking in Spring and snow plowing). 85% of the District budget/road taxes should be going to maintenance of the Roads in Becket Woods. Maybe that's why they are called Road taxes (not tennis taxes).

The "low bid laws" are there to protect the owners - to make sure the District is run efficiently and that we are taxed fairly.

When confronted in open meeting on 8-31-08 about the violation of C. 30B, John Amato - Treasurer of the Prudential Committee and moderator at the meeting declared that low bids and the related laws were "irrelevant". Is that so John (I mean Chairman Mao)? Well, Mao Tse Amato not only have you and your Prudential Committee been knowingly violating the law since the inception of the Road District in 2000, but you have no use for interests of the owners of the District. You, Amato and Prudential friends, are theoretically supposed to be working for the best interests of the taxpayers/owners of the District. Not declare, as Peter "Mansbad" Mansbach did at the 8-31-08 District meeting, that such compliance with law "would be bad for the community". Who does this blow hard think he's kidding - we won't let you shout us down anymore with your gang rule and open meeting tactics that you have been using for years in Becket Woods to discourage opposition. We are the unorganized majority that you have been stepping on - we'll you got reckless and woke us up by doubling the District taxes in 2 quick years giving us nothing in return. You people (Mansbach and the "Tennis click") aren't smart enough - you got caught cheating the majority when you made the mistake of waking us up with your obnoxious tax increases and double talk.

What a stupid statement by Mansbad, "Low bids are bad for the Community". To make a statement like that shows he has no respect for the owners in Becket Woods and thinks they are all idiots.


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